Friday, 12 August 2011

The Run up to 5000 Views.

5000 PageViews!
The Run-Up

So, it's been what? about 3 months and we have already had "almost" 5000 Pageviews. I know that other members of the blogging team are going to be writing you stories about this massive achievement.

Is this how you remember the Blog?

How about this?

Or the new one?

When you turn off your computer it does not matter what you remember about the blog, or even the posts that have been written. What matters most is that you have shown an interest, you have read the posts and taken in the information kept there.

This is what I see when I log onto the Blog.

So, I get to see all this important information every time I click the link to Google Blogger. This always gives me great pleasure to be a part of a great team, a great project. 17 followers is a great achievement for everyone involved. 175 different stories, different writers (Mentioned again Later) and different viewpoints.

As you can see above there is the U.S.S Magellan Blog. This is just one of the things the Blog has inspired. RolePlays setting up Blogs so that everyone can keep up to date on the adventure! More are planned to be opened in the next few months.

I can remember taking this snapshot.

Now, why have we been able to get to this point?

I can tell you that the Blog started because Debbydo wanted to create a newsletter. Now, it was decided that it would be difficult to keep people interested in a Newsletter when you are limited to the publishing ability of SecondLife notecards, and therefore it would be better to take this outside of SecondLife.

What a great decision that was! A few months on and the Blogs publicity has sky-rocketed. Now I can tell you that GFC has tried to set up a Blog before, and has been unable to get enough publicity and enough support. Why is this Blog any different?

The following people are a MASSIVE influence on the number of PageViews.

     - Debbydo
     - snapper Desade
     - Robobby Mcmillan
     - Gokyu Ugajin
     - Phedre Aionfall
     - Kaori Juliesse
     - Richardjrn Weatherwax (Indirectly)
     - And of course: Jimmy Vehrous

These people above (Yes, Including me) have been influential in the growth of the Blog. They're great stories, great reports and great imagination have made the Blog an enjoyable and informative place to visit.

But of course we couldn't have done it without you guys! You the readers have been vital to our success, people from all over the world visit the Blog daily. Why do you guys keep coming back? Is is because we are so awesome that you can't stay away? Or is it something more than that?

I wanted to note the "Popular Posts" as they stand today.

Written By - Jimmy Vehrous
Pageviews - 69
Written By - snapper Desade
Pageviews - 56
Written By - snapper Desade
Pageviews - 48
Written By: Jimmy Vehrous
Pageviews - 47
Written By - Jimmy Vehrous
Pageviews - 46
Written By - Gokyu Ugajin
Pageviews - 45
Written By - snapper Desade
Pageviews - 39
Written By - snapper Desade
Pageviews - 31
 MOST POPULAR - 9 (Joint)
Written By - Jimmy Vehrous
Pageviews - 30
MOST POPULAR - 9 (joint)
Written By - snapper Desade
Pageviews - 30

Please Note: The Pageviews here do not accurately depict post views.
They only work if people actively click on the post directly.
Due to the fact that you can read the posts right from the front screen,
you do not have to directly click on them.

An Extra Congratulations to those mentioned above.

The above chart shows you the change over the last few months about the amount of people going onto the Blog.

     - MAY - 480 Pageviews
     - JUNE - 1871 Pageviews
     - JULY - 1939 Pageviews
     - AUGUST (to date) - 682 Pageviews

This just shows how much people enjoy the Blog. This is the progression from 0 Pageviews to almost having 5000, I will mention again how much of an achievement this is!

I thought I'd throw in the above information just for those of you - like me - like this sort of stuff. This just shows you how international GFC is and indeed how international the Blog is.

Personal Note from Jimmy Vehrous

On the run up to the day we reach 5000 Pageviews I have had the chance to think back to my personal journey here. I asked snapper Desade if I would be able to contribute to the - at the time, a rather small - blog. I was honoured to become the third member of the team.

Over the past few months we have gained even more writers and unfortunately lost some as well, however we remain vigilant and continue with the good work and produce what many have admitted to be an "awesome" Blog.

I would consider myself a "main" member of the Blog Team, and though some of the time my posts are not always very informative or serious, I have always gained a positive response. 

I am honoured to still be able to write for you guys.

A Personal Thank You to all of those mentioned above and Thank you to you guys who read the posts here. A Congratulations for "almost" reaching 5000 Pageviews.

Finally a special Congratulations to Debbydo and snapper Desade. For her great idea and him brilliant work, together they make an awesome team!


Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News.


  1. Great informative article as always jimmy :)

  2. nice post - only wondering why I'm not mentioned as contributor - I check the site 2-3 times a day (which can be seen in country values)?

    Or does as page view influence only writers count? then the wording is bit confusing :-)

    Anyway good post

    Thanks for answering

  3. The line above read:

    "The following people are a MASSIVE influence on the number of PageViews."

    So the contributors mentioned were influential to the success of the blog, they all wrote articles and were supportive.

  4. JD, we are very happy that you continue to support the Blog.

    You just writing a comment shows that you are reading not only my articles but other ones as well.

    I mentioned those who had made a direct contribution in terms of articles, you are not one of those.

    However saying that, you have contributed to the Pageview number. Though you surely understand if I had mentioned every single person who had visited the site, we would be here for hours.

    Cheers for your continued support.


  5. nods thanks -

    then it wasonly bit missunderstanding - as massive influence could have been readers too.

    cu in sim