Monday, 31 August 2015

High quality SL on a low spec computer with Bright Canopy

UPDATE:  The Bright Canopy website now states that "We Are Not Accepting New Subscribers Right Now" and links you to their blog site to explaining the situation --> HERE

Hopefully they will soon be opening up sign ins again and offering the service once more. Basically it looks like the demand was much higher than they expected more info --> HERE

As reported here a few months ago, ONlive closed down and with it the ability to run secondlife at high quality on a low spec machine. Ingeniously they're using remote machines running secondlife which allow mouse, keyboard and mic access from your computer, essentially streaming  the graphics back to your machine which means you can fully control your avatar in secondlife without
any of the lag you would be use to on a lowers spec machine. You could also ramp the graphics up to ultra and see the real beauty of SL the way it should be seen.

With the demise of Onlive an alternative has been released this week called Bright Canopy, they will be pretty much doing the same thing  ONlive did. Its being priced at $17 a month, which is around £11 or about 15 euros. It will offer running Secondlife from a browser with full client software to come at a later date.

If your running a lower spec computer or even running on windows XP and Mac 10.6 machines
its something that may interest you then checkout their website and see what you think.

Link HERE -->  http://www.brightcanopy.com/

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