Thursday, 29 March 2012

AAC Gryphon Parachute, P40 Dogfight and Racing Track Catch Up Events

Over the last few weeks the AAC have been trying  few new events out and we thought we'd catch up on them.

Gryphon Parachute Jump
First was the "Gryphon Parachute Jump" the idea here was to fly your gryphon from the USS Paris and when you get to 500 meters you and or passenger to bail out and fall to the ground deploying your parachute and guiding yourself to the bullseye which has been erected near the RP Centre in Sovereign.

You may have noticed the ships rezzer near the hangers over at the AAC flight box area. When clicked that rezzed a variation of the P40 plane which can be used by anyone or if you had one of those P40 style planes (they come in more than one variation) you could also use that in the event which was a full on dog fight, though before we had to learn to fly properly off the runway adhering to all the rules, taxiing your craft and following the signs, waiting for commands issued from the tower before you could progress to the runway, once in the air we circled around following those in front of us and a few meters distance and mentaining the same hight. Once every one was in the air, it was time for an all out dog fight fest. Who's plane could last the longest, well the answer to that question was  Kaori Juliesse  who was in a long battle with Gokyu Ugajin who dispatched the rest of us pilots and battled it out between themselves....for ages, weaving in and out of each others target before Kaori peppers Gokyu's plane with a triade of metal which saw it crashing unceremoniously to the ground.

AAC pilots are known for their need for speed, so when a racing track was rezzed there was much excitement and beating of chests. Though that demised quickly when they realised it wasn't so easy flying round the track on a AAC hover bike, especially when it was place in flight mode which required all the skills a person could muster just to control. There were 3 races in 2 different vehicles, the hover bike in hover and flight mode and a Nascar which was a little bit over sensitive for my liking, one tap and it went speeding off like a hare in a hurry..

Events winners

Hover Bike (hover mode) = Michel Rosenstrauch
Hover Bike (Flight Mode) = snapper Desade
Nascar = Thomas Aker

We would like to thank all those who have participated in the AAC events, they are fun so come down, all are welcome.

AAC Events
Sunday 9am SLT*
Wednesday 6pm SLT*
Friday 3.30pm SLT*

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