Thursday, 7 February 2013

Playing with Lumiya the Android Secondlife mobile viewer

A new updated version of Lumiya  the Android secondlife viewer app for your mobile phone or tablet was just released a few days ago. With the update they have increased the quality of the graphics now with the ability to display mesh also, which is impressive since it comes off devices like smart phones.

In the app you can walk around, teleport, give and received items from people, communicate in open chat, groups and send private messages. In addition your able to operate objects, sit down on items, fly. Many of the basic things you can do in secondlife can be done here.

Unlike some secondlife apps on the android platform you don't have pay a monthly fees just to use it, Lumiya is a one off price of £1.87p. With its ability to keep you in contact with people in secondlife, participating via text or visually is useful and an impressive way of keeping in touch when you maybe out of away from your normal computer set up.

Below is a video comparing how the app handles graphics on a smartphone in comparison to a laptop

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  1. Many of the basic things you can E Ledden do in secondlife can be done here.