Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CBS/Paramount say SecondLife© Trek fans can play but no naughty selling stuff

Similarities are purely coincidental, honestly!!!!

The debate that has been haunting many a Star Trek group in SL over the last few months has been like a bad grimms fairy tale played out as CBS/Paramount being the big bad wolf ready to come and blow the Virtual Star Trek fanbase's house down.

There were one or two copyright infringement requests a few months back which sent the whole community into panic, bolions stopped being blue, klingons lost their ridges and Cardassians were free from the spoon imprint slapped into their foreheads.

Many correspondences have travelled back and forth between concerned fans and the corporations use of trek like content, but one such letter may be regarded as the definitive answer to the question which is what can or can't content creators make based on star trek.

an important quote in the reply states

"CBS Studios does not object to fans’ personal use where they do not sell the virtual items, so long as the creations do not result in confusion with the legitimate, licensed works or properties. CBS Studios intends to take the same position in the virtual world as it does with fans’ creations of their own costumes for personal use and exhibition at conventions."

So it seems as long as your not selling it or making it seem like an official product where people may get confused then, it sounds like, go play happily people and remember that's not a klingon avatar its a ridged headed warrior and Orions are just hulk like people without the muscles called something obscure, probably.

Its ok, you all can come out of the woodwork now, the big bad wolf has gone home, but if he catches you selling stuff he'll blow you, your house and your shop down.

Full article can be read HERE

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  1. Great, heads up Snapper. The question has always been unanswered and now it has been answered. After 8 years of being in Galaxy Fleet Command, and make formal efforts to not use trademaked items of CBS StarTREK like even their name, GFC continues to be on the right trek. The best SciFi Trek group in SL continues to shine from the research and data mining done by it members to make sure everything is legitimate. Thank you for keeping us informed.