Friday, 29 July 2011

The divisional report overview - Repost (accidental deletion)

This information is true as of General Meetings aired in July.

The divisional report overview.
Please feel free to IM me if the information here is incorrect, however I plucked this straight from the General Meeting Logs.

Lead: Andromeda Quonset

Send an Notecard to Andromeda Quonset if you'd like a teleportation pad placed anywhere on GFC land. Include the exact co-ordinates of where you'd like it (include Sim Name too) and The theme (so it can be textured correctly).

Lead: Da5id Weatherwax

The new Medical facility is fully up and running in Aeon. They are also thinking about making a change to the training programme for new Medical staff, more info on that as it becomes available.

Lead: snapper Desade

This very Blog is shared between Research and Strategic Operations - an ongoing project. Miniatures of all GFC buildings are being created that will be "holographic" representations (Hold info on these buildings). AWADs is in testing - The device will allow new GFC specific devices to have weapons controlled remotely.

Lead: Falo Priestman

Working towards translations on a variety of GFC documents. Always looking for native speakers of languages other than English. IM Falo Priestman if your interesting in giving a helping hand towards GFC translations.

Lead: Gandalf Nakamura

Jointly organizing with Social Events an awesome date to remember. 45th anniversary of Star Trek, something to look out for, surely an entertaining evening! (8th September 2011) Also writing a story for the Xenoarcheology RolePlay!

Starategic Operations
Lead: Phedre Aionfall

Jointly overseeing the GFC blog with Research. As you can see, it's a huge success already! New RolePlay's are available now in GFC! OPFOR is growing fast, a lot of new interesting and exciting RolePlay opportunities for GFC members to come over the new few weeks.

Academy Air Corps (AAC)
Lead: Emile DeSantis

AAC events proceeded as scheduled. U.S.S Paris RolePlay (Thursday 6pm SLT) and the AAC "event" (Wednesday 6pm SLT). These events often included, tactical duels, dogfights and even away mission! Not an event that should be missed!!!

Lead: RoBobby McMillan

Working on adding "fan-fiction" to GFC Library! If you have a story then sent it right over to RoBobby McMillan and you may see it featured in the library. Library is working together with Strategic operations so that RolePlay logs could be stored for everyone to see!

Careers Development 
Lead: Demeter Slade (Acting)

Taurik Xaris stepped down as CDO lead, leaving Demeter Slade to lead the division. He will be missed by the whole team. Changed may indeed be made to this division in the weeks to come, we will have to keep you posted on that one.
Duty Officers
Lead: Gimonia Horten

Always on the look out for new Duty Officers. IM Gimonia Horten if your interested, even if you just have questions, giver her a shout.

Group Assets

Lead: TimoL McMillan

Last known information was that 23% of all rent-able accommodation on GFC land was being used. 22 out of 36 stalls in Galaxy Market are currently occupied.

Lead: JD Matova

Weekly announcements published on Mondays - check the stands that are all around the SIMs. Contact JD Matova if you would like a GFC Door Sign or and GFC Poster made for you, he will explain the details to you there.

So that is all the division reports from July, I will try and produce one of these every month - look for all posts with the "Division Reports" label on them. 
If you'd like your division mentioned here and you don't read a report at the General Meetings, send me some info on that division (What you are currently working on) and you'll be added to this next month.

Thank you.

Jimmy Vehrous

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