Thursday, 28 July 2011

Becoming Micro...

Micro's. I had heard about them for a while now, mostly through this blog. They sounded like fun, and when I saw Gokyu being chased by spiders as a micro, I knew I had to get me one too. So when I logged onto SL, I bought myself a micro fox!

Micro fox...

Yeah, I look cute (and that sounds so wrong), but I had some trouble with the HUD. Luckily after an update, I wasn't stuck in the ground anymore, all the time. Anyway, time to see what it was like being a micro. Well, for one thing, you're much smaller than anyone else!

Much smaller than anyone else...

You do walk as fast as everyone else though... which is odd, since the legs of a micro are *way* shorter. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Anyway, objects around me which didn't seem all that big at first, were now gigantic! A ramp leading up to the shuttlecraft for instance, looked like a mountain!


And then there's things you cannot do. Well, you can, but it just looks odd. Ever tried to fly a regular sized Gryphon as a micro-fox? I couldn't see where I was going!

Yes, I'm the orange dot on the chair...

All in all, I think I'm going to enjoy being this small!


  1. nooo another got the bug .....

    Welcome to the world of micros

  2. Welcome!!

    You can buy a device than makes you walk slower - but it would take forever to get anywhere!

    Ask rich for a micro Gryphon!!

    Lots of fun!!

  3. whoo hooo robobby. Welcome to the micro world. as you are finding out it is awesome. find rich and he will give you a micro gryphon that flies just like a normal one. also there are a ton of things for micro's that help you fit into the sl world. There is something that slows your walk down if you want it. I personally like running fast, but it's out there if you need it. Once again welcome and great blog!