Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Gibraltar Restart?

The date: 27th of July, 2011. The time: 12.30 PM SLT. The place: Aeon Sandbox. The event: the re-launch of the Gibraltar!

For fifteen minutes, I had been announcing that the Gibraltar was ready to go. The chatchannel *and* the GFC main channel had been sufficiently spammed. People knew. The Gibraltar would fly out again, with its first adventure in months! I had scouted locations, came up with a story idea... I even went so far as to prepare a speech that would re-launch the Gibraltar!

However... nobody showed up. NOBODY. The Gibraltar didn't restart... we didn't go on an away mission to save a planet... there was no adventure. There was just me, standing in the sandbox.

But I won't give up. The Gibraltar will fly again. If not now, then another time. So keep a look-out for the announcement that the Gibraltar RP will start... since one of these days, the Gibraltar will fly out of that spacedock, towards the unknown! You can count on it!


  1. Daym!

    I was busy with a 10 hour train journey!!

    Will keep an eye out!

  2. took a look around the ship and it it a verry nice rp set