Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Down Time

Greetings all

G-man here once again
Sometimes when i'm sitting here in front of my computer thinking about what to write in this blog, I wonder what the readers think about it. I see we have a high number of hits so someone is reading it. But I wonder, is it just people from GFC? People who know about it, and like to see what's going on? Or are there others out that, that see it and think "oh no, star trek. Aren't those the ones who wear uniforms and have circles on their collars and call each other captain and do that Spock salute?" Well there definitely is some of that, though i've never see the Spock salute gesture. ((if anyone has it let me know, i want it bad *grins*))
But really all GFC is about is the people. Just people gathering together in a place they love, and wanting to be around other people that share their interests. They want to be able to say to others, "hey remember that funny looking robot called Nomad?" or "hey what was that gas cloud called that kept Zephram Cochran alive all those years?" ((it was the Companion *winks)) And others know what their talking about. No different than people talking about that 7/10 split they picked up the night before, or the Royal Flush they got in cards. Just people talking to other people about the things they know and love, and having them understand what it means to them.
The one thing I do wish we had more of though were parties. Times when we just show up and hang out, and dance, and talk, and have fun. Everyone here in GFC works hard. Just come and take a look around and see all that we have and you know how hard people work. From the beautiful buildings, to the scripted items and vehicles that we love. The uniforms. The work that goes into teaching new people about GFC in the classes. The security people that stand watches to keep the sims safe and clean. To the people that plan and put on role plays for the enjoyment of all. Everyone who has made GFC their home works extremely hard and I am Proud and Honored to know them all. But I do miss just for fun, down time parties. Scheduled things like a Tuesday Twofer night with themes like best in wings or best superhero. Or a Friday morning coffee with DJ Gandalf, playing just the tunes you want. When I first came into SL, I was involved in alot of these and they were always so much fun.
But we still do party. *grins* And when we do they turn out pretty darned good! Like last night for instance. It was another lazy tuesday evening. Not much going on. Our big Bi-Annual ball is coming up on saturday, so there were alot of meetings and last minute things to iron out. Sodak had finished the big AAC movie that will be premiered at the ball. And I think you all will love it! Anyway Sodak and I decided to have a drink in Quark's, and they were playing great 80's music, so I invited our lovely Andorian Lillian, or Z as she is called now to come Dance. And before I knew it we had a regular party going on!
Next thing you knew, Yaz our resident Klingon female showed up and showed off her pole dancing skills. Dustin turned into his dragon form and lit up the dance floor like a big ole disco ball
Snapper our Resident "evil scientist" showed up and showed us some moves. Even our stern "no nonsense" security chief Sereana showed up, and entertained us with her tidbits of wisdom. And I do believe she even cracked a smile or two
And our Beautiful Strategic Operations Leader Phedre was there, showing us what she had. And of course myself. I'm the big and bright blue guy. I really was on fire that evening *smiles*
All in all, it was a wonderful impromptu event. Everyone had fun, and we just danced our cares away while listening to wonderful music, and enjoyed being with people who love the things we do. Life doesn't get much better than that!
Until next time



  1. I would have to agree G. Times like those are some of the best. GFC sure knows how to get down to business as well as just "get down". Looking forward to all the future moments with my GFC family.

  2. *sigh*

    I missed all the fun?