Saturday, 31 March 2012

GFC at Relay for Life - Float Parade

It has been a recent tradition for the GFC to be involved in Relay For Life in some form or other, last year we had a disco and was actually the first story written on this blog and this year the group has helped once again with the cause. In addition there has been a poetry exhibition aswell.

For the last few weeks there has been donation boxes placed strategically around DS19 and other locations, also a wall of events has been placed at the back of the ferengi bar at the space station. This years contribution was to join forces with the UFS.  Both groups took part by sitting on a float which made a lap of the square in one of the two sims events were taking place in. Other than a small fairground we got our flags out as the two trek groups came together and circled the sim on a float,  which also had  two smaller ships attached to it. Some stood on the float, while others perched on the edge. There was even space to park your avatar on one of the two choices of ships which was attached to the float, being it either  a version of the Enterprise or Defiant.

As with many events the numbers in the sim were high at times, hovering between 70-40 people, lag was an enemy but we all soldiered on regardless and proudly represented the fleet for this good cause.

Relay for life events will continue for the next few weeks and i'm sure its not the last time the group will helps support the charity this season.

Thaks all those members who participated Perfecto Convair,Sereana Westland, Debbydo Resident, Dustin Sunflower,  BlackRosePhantom,  Katie Zwilling and your truly.

For more pictures click HERE

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