Friday, 24 June 2011

Priority One Message from DS19

Incoming message from Lt.Cmdr Vehrous

This is Lt.Cmdr Vehrous, First Officer of DS19, please patch me through to Strategic Operations . . .

To whom it may concern,
Myself and snapper Desade travelled to Al Raqis this week, Botany Bay II to be precise. snapper beamed down first, I followed suit shortly after, and we made our way into the medical complex due to the congregation of  several persons there.

We began talking with the medical officer there, the one who had given us abuse the last time we visited this part of the region. It did not help that snapper Desade decided that it was a good idea to tell the Doctor that her medical bay was slightly "sparse" on his last visit. She was not in the best mood. Apparently a Mr Malic, had visited Botany Bay a few hours before and annoyed some of the local severally. We knew that these people did not take kindly to annoyances. 

We left the facility in a panic, it all went very quick, I shouted "Delta Flyer" just to direct my fellow officer. We ran! We jumped in and flew away from Botany Bay as fast as the impulse engines would take us, settling behind a sand dune in the desert. The sun was blazing in and  I could hear the faint sound of engines as another vessel began to pursue. We took off, weaving in and out of the sand structures that had formed over night, swerving to miss phaser blasts as the pursuing ship opened fire. 

. . . 

We got away, we passed through a region border, which we all know can be a little bumpy. We landed in Splintered Rock, under the huge landing area for the Spice Mining Facility. We waited and began repairs on the shuttle. Too Late.


We were caught, by these three. They're names eluding me. Me and my faithful companion snapper Desade standing there, drew our weapons. Bad Plan! They began shouting, shooting at the area around our feet, shouting some more. I nodded to snapper and we dropped our weapons, and our combadge's to the floor, unknowing what would follow The wanted us to strip down to our "bare" minimums, but there was not a chance of that.


I ran.

Stunning bursts passed across my shoulders and bellow my arms as I legged it for escape.

I failed.

snapper must have been knocked down as well, I don't know. We have not had time to de-brief the situation. When I woke. Medical Officer Malic. AAC Pilots Colin and Dustin and Klingon Ambassador Kal had arrived to offer assistance. 

As of this moment,
Al Raqis has to be deemed Hostile.
I do not believe this should be end of our visits here though.
It will be something I talk to Commander Aionfall About.
I will be continuing my mission in Al Raqis.
Thanks for your time.
Vehrous Out.

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