Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Message from the President

President Snapper addressing the bewildered member in front of him
As nice as the GFC offices are today I found my dream place to chat with my staff. There rezzed in the sandbox its stood proud and round, we couldn't resist but to enter its hallow dome and open the door. As we peeked our heads round our jaws dropped and the thoughts on all our minds were "I wanted one".

There we stood in a replica of the oval office with trademark desk and compy chair. As strange as it was you could feel the power of leadership as you stood behind the desk chatting with fellow members and division staff.

What do you mean you don't want to bomb Furryland, furs
are dangerous, they want our prims.
There seemed a strange sense of authority as I stood there, I had a sudden urge to invade a sim with the war on lag claiming we had to get them before they got our prims. I stood there behind the desk of power and ordered my rag tag chief of staff before me that they had to save the sim from the terrorist threat of oSIMA PRIM laden.

They stared at me, whispered to each other and left the crazy guy in the white coat to play with his little toy on his own.

Oh well, we can all dream

More pictures HERE

President Snapper Desade


  1. i can remember that, i stood there thinking "oh no.... not another one for the asylum" :P

  2. Three cheers for President Snapper! Hip hip... hooray!
    (By the way, do you have a vice president already? :P)

  3. This room looks awfully familiar to me Snapper....

  4. You think so Taurik? nah, no similar at all apart from the desk, chairs, wallpaper, carpet, furniture, exterior.

    Other than those things its totally different :)

  5. Oval offices are just what you get when you are *puts on sunglasses* cutting corners.