Thursday, 30 June 2011

Imposter within GFC!

Debbydo Imposter - Detained.
Case Closed!

This report is an up-to-date file containing information about Silmek's conviction.

A few months ago, the Medical facility was being filled with victims from an assault by a member of the fleet. Detective snapper Desade was sent out to find the culprit. Nobody knew who it was and it caused disarray within the fleet.

Luckily the amazing work of Detective snapper Desade has pay'd off, and we now know who was actively committing these unlawful acts.

We now know that this person who we know as Cadet Debbydo was transported away from GFC a few months ago and was replaced by a female alien known only as Silmek.

Silmek refuses to drop the act and remains in "Debbydo" form. Fortunately we have since found Cadet Debbydo unharmed and she has returned to active duty. Silmek has been move to a JAG enforced facility pending investigation.

If you have any information concerning this event please contact Detective snapper Desade, we are still unsure who Silmek works for and how far their infiltration has spread.

Other than that, there is not much to report. Only that if you hear screaming from the JAG offices; you know to steer clear.

Reporting for GFC news
Jimmy Vehrous

(Please note that this post is entirely fictional and should not be taken seriously) 


  1. lol
    don't lie James you meant every word to be serious

  2. Wonders who's he's been getting up with over the last few months :o