Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Message from the future!

DS19 is hailing us.
The transmission is from Admiral Jimmy Vehrous.
We are only getting fractions of the message, it's fluctuating.
The message has a time variance.
It's from the Future!

"GalaxyFleetCommand, do you hear me?
"The Borg are attacking the Alpha Quadrant, and have caused a rift in time"
"I am using the last bit of power that DS19 has to offer to send you this message"

"The Borg have trampled the Alpha Quadrant, we couldn't stop them"
"Before they destoryed GFC, we found a buried fighter shuttle, one not seen before in our history"
"We called it the Gryphon; an extremely advanced craft, one which may be able to defeat the Borg"

"We believe the Borg set GFC of out time into a sort of Subspace time inversion field"
"Things were posing up everywhere, from 21st century cars, to technology we hadn't seen before"
"We of course didn't have enough time to reverse engineer any of this stuff, so we sent a message"

"We had the holo emitter of Richardjrn Weatherwax ... It hurts, but it ceased to work years ago"
"We used it to send a message back in time to the user of that device, in your time"
"We hope that he was able to build the Gryphon, and hopefully save the Alpha Quadrant"

"By my estimates the Borg will not attack in your time for another 5 years"
"We wanted to give you plenty of warning"
"Please, you must save GalaxyFleetCommand"

"I've sent you information about the Gryphon just in case Richard did not receive our message"

"I want to clarify the extent of the Borg threat"

"Admiral snapper Desade was killed in action when the U.S.S. SellTa was destroyed "
"Vice Admiral Debbydo has been missing in action for roughly 5 months"
"Vice Admiral Gokyu Ugajin was killed during the final battle of Bajor"
"Ambassador Kal, died when the Klingon fleet fell"
"Captain Sodak fell when the U.S.S. Paris was destroyed defending Vulcan"
"Captain Gandalf Nakamura fell while defending the GFC Museum"
"Commodre Kaori Juliesse, Captain Starr Jetamie, Captain Tomas Aker, Captain Robobby McMillian, Captain Birdie Ireland, Commander Malic Skytower, Commander Dustin Thunderstorm and many other GFC crew killed during the battle and fall of the Sol system"

"Please heed my call!"
"Admiral Phedre Aionfall and myself will defend DS19 for as long as possible"
"She is alive, commanding the last known Federation vessel the U.S.S. Dentdelion"
"Please, save the Alpha Quadrant"

"This is the end"
"Admiral Jimmy Vehrous out"

I am extremely unsure why I felt it necessary to write this rather morbid post, however I enjoyed it, I hope that you do too.

Jimmy Vehrous.


  1. The report didn't state how I fell off my chair laughing, museum has to be saved, those prims were valuable.... :)

  2. lol how come I died, there better be a memorial staute of me ....

  3. so thts y i scripted the gryphon to be so awesome O.รณ

  4. Good heroic deaths for you all! Well, most of you anyway.

    Debbs your MIA, not actually dead :P

  5. you didn't die i noticed, i was he first to kick the bucket lol

  6. Even the museum hung out longer than I did :)

  7. Lol
    Vice Admiral in 5 years! You have alot of faith in me my friend! *winks* Wonderful post though jimmy

  8. All theoretical of course.

    Only reason the Museum lasted long was because the Borg didn't want to waste their time with it.

    :P Lol G. You died defending Bajor, you kind soul!

    snapper, you died first, no explanation, just ... the Borg didn't like you.

    Sorry Guys for the morbid post :P

  9. that's right kill us all and no one is left to save the quadrant