Tuesday, 12 July 2011

MicroAv's hit the skies

Anti MicroAv SL law came into force today and the AAC were forced under duress to allow very small av into the division, many dissenting voices claimed it made a mocker of the aircorp and some builders moaned "We'll have to make the seats biggers now".

Debates have raged over whether they should just put a steering wheel on the dashboard and forego raising the seats at all. An arranged interview with one of the MicroAv's had to be cancelled because our reporter couldn't find a magnify glass strong each to see them or safe enough not to set them alight when the sun was reflected through it.

A spokes person for the "MicroAv's Right to be heard campaign group" speech was thought to have sounded so low that no one could hear them, but  afew people claimed they heared a squeak, a burp and a rat like nibbling sound.

It has been reported that two demonstrations will be held in the GFC next week, the "Don't step on me campaign" followed later in the day by the "Don't kick sand on me" march which is rumored to be taking place somewhere in the sandbox....if you can find them..

More Mini Pictures Click HERE


  1. Better be careful Captain Turtle Sir. If one of us bites you, it turns a normal av into a Micro av. You could be one of us by morning! *winks*

  2. It does seem to be spreading. Micro turtle..hmm..*giggles*