Monday, 11 July 2011

Micro Recon

Greetings all

G-man here

It was a quiet sunday evening in the GFC sims. Strategic operations Director Phedre Aonifal and I were sitting around not doing much of anything, when we decided it was time for a "small" recon of the Al Raqis area. Not wanting to be to conspicuous we donned our "micro" persona's, armed ourselves, and got ready for our away mission:

Donning goggles to protect our eyes from the harsh winds of the desert planet, we beamed down to Al Raqis start our recon.

It didn't take long for us to find some of the locals. There appeared to be some sort of "trial" in prograss. We  slipped into the courtroom and quietly watched the proceedings.


We listened quietly for a bit, but with no understanding of what was going on, we decided it was the better part of valor to leave as quietly as we had entered. On our way out however, we were stopped by a couple of the locals. They were very curious about us as they had never seen any of our race before.

We chatted for a bit, explaining who we were and where we had come from. We were then invited to visit their home planet Praxis. We took the co-ordinates to their home planet and promised to visit them in the near future. We then beamed back to the station and sat down to write up the report on our "little" recon, looking forward to our next meeting with our new friends.

Until next time:

Micro Phe

Micro G

Signing off


  1. yaaayyy micros :D i made a gryphon for micros :P send me an IM if ya want one

  2. ahh vermin in the Paris, places rat traps around deck 1

  3. Wow, great report of the recon. Makes me want to go too... hehehe. Nicely written!