Friday, 12 August 2011

Payback to Debbydo


Now, you may have notice that Debbydo has been placing a "Sad Face" box upon our members heads in retaliation for the friendly "Grief" attacks that I, Jimmy Vehrous, had committed in the past.

Above is the unsuspecting Debbydo, who at the time of taking these pictures was merely standing in the Sandbox minding her own business. (At Work in RealLife)

Now, I placed a Prim under her shoes and began slowly increasing it's height. SecondLife does not allow an Avatar to be "inside" a prim and therefore moved Debbydo up ... and up ... and up.

I took Debbydo to an incredible height and pondered on the thought of what I would do. An idea came to mind and then I just couldn't resist!

I deleted the prim. Just like that. Then the body fell.

She hit the sand with massive speed and created what looked like water ripple throughout the Sandbox. This of course brought people over to see what had happened. But by that time, Debbydo's lifeless Avatar had been reset and she was now, idly standing once again oblivious to what had happened.

If your lucky you can head down to the Sandbox and see the exact place she hit. There is still evidence of a "hole" in the sand where it had been shoved out of the way as her body hit the floor. But please know you won't ALL get this treatment - Only if you mess with me.

Anyway, Happy GFCing

Jimmy Vehrous

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