Wednesday, 10 August 2011

AAC Step back in Time Event

Greetings all

G-Man here

Tonight I am hosting the AAC's weekly event. This is the notice that was sent out to all pilots:

Step Back in Time

Greetings Pilots
Back in the mid 20th century, our ancestor pilots flew in small, under powered, piston engine, non shielded craft called airplanes. They were atmospheric craft only and shot lead projectiles as weapons. On Wednesday night we are going back in time (figuratively) to experience first hand what our ancestors did. Some of these old "airplanes" were recently found and GFC engineers have worked tirelessly to restore them. They are ready! So Pilots prepare yourself for an adventure we here in GFC have never experienced. Dog-fighting 20th century style. Mark your calendars for Wednesday 8/10/11 at 6pm Hope to see you all there

Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader

Here are a few pictures of the "vehicle" we will be flying, along with me in my Authentic costume of that period:

The event should be fun, and will give all our pilots a chance to fly like our ancestors did. Hope to see you all there

Ltjg Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader

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