Wednesday, 10 August 2011

GalaxyFleetCommand an overview!

GalaxyFleetCommand in just 10 days.

Day One:
"Approched by Media"

I was cornered. As a mere recruit I didn't know what to do! They made me start writing stories for an on-line blog! It has been mental ever since!

Day Two:
"The Recruit Treatment"

They made me squeeze into this really tight jumpsuit that made me look ridiculous. I never really knew whether to have blonde hair or black hair while wearing this uniform, however I think this picture proves that black steals the show.
I still HATE that uniform though!

Day Three:
"Back to School"

Because we are recruits, we are made to sit through endless classes. Medical 101, Security 101, RolePlay 101, Recruit Orientation, Communications 101 and many many more.
It is a long process and now my brain feels 10 times bigger.

Day Four:

Of course, Graduation day is one for celebration. It is the journey from Recruit (Crewman 3rd Class) to Crewman 2nd Class and therefore a real member of GalaxyFleetCommand. This lovely plaque is placed upon my wall in the OPFOR office.

Day Five:
"The Ropes"

They wouldn't just let anyone pilot a shuttle and I therefore had to be taught how to handle a ship. Of course I passed with flying colours and never looked back!

Day Six:

Of course, passing the Shuttle 101 class does not prepare you to fight against these guys. They are pro's and therefore only the best can survive when playing against these pilots. I am often shot down but I am able to put up a damn good fight before they do so.

Day Seven:
"Set to Stun"

I had become a "active" member at GalaxyFleetCommand and therefore began training in advanced Phaser use-age in the old abandoned corridors under Constellation before they rebuilt the SIM. We fighted for hours and I faired pretty well against the experienced officer. (By this point I had Graduated for the second time via OTS and became an Ensign)

Day Eight:
"We party!"

Of course my time at GalaxyFleetCommand has not gone without it's privileges. We party when we are not on duty, and boy to we party hard!

Day Nine:

However on the other side of the ball, I was put under extreme pressure and environments that didn't do anything other than hinder my health! It's a shame the Federation is hated by so many other species!

Day Ten:
"Old before his Time"

This is the end of the journey. A long, exciting, difficult at times by fun journey!

Day Eleven:
"Lets see what's out there"

All the pictures above have been pulled from old posts on the Blog. I hope that you have enjoyed the 10 Days of GFC and that you will continue to be active at the events depicted above.

GalaxyFleetCommand does not work without the positive attitude from all of our members and yes this attitude has been lost at times by us all, but we always make a return, bigger and better.

Reporting for GalaxyFleetCommand Debbydo for GFCBlog

Jimmy Vehrous!


  1. Excellent post Jimmy! I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Where on earth are you!!!

    I always seem to miss you -


    I am sure we'll run into each other before long.