Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Story of Banny

By Richardjrn Weatherwax.


And now comes a post from the deranged mind of Richardjrn Weatherwax

You’ve all seen Banny, the holographic fish that floats around my head? well he represents the part of me that was banned a few times from GFC.

Most of the times i was banned was cause people didn't understand what i was doing, and what i did was accidents (usually :S) but i don't blame the security personnel that banned me. infact I'm friends with all of them now (i think so anyway) heh i can remember it now, being banned in all the sim’s apart from the house parcel that i rented in galaxy, which was a long time ago, i think that was the time i accidentally rezzed a huge building by mistake, it happens, but it was annoying enough for me to be banned. Another time was when i was playing with a HUD and i kinda accidentally bombed the sandbox, which of course got me banned again.

I know it was my fault but what can i do?

another time i was banned for causing a disturbance in the sandbox, i can remember moaning at someone for something and that person got so fed up he/she banned me, but i think just from the sandbox, there is some other times but for the life of me i cant remember. But in total i think ive been banned between 3 to 5 times, in hindsight most of those was my fault. These were usually temporary banned as they were clearly not deliberate acts of grieving.

After some time i stopped being banned and did things away from GFC, one of those things was take up 7seas fishing, which was when after a while i caught a fish surrounded by banlines, as soon as i laid my eyes on him i knew it was me. that fish i then called Banny, because im useless at naming, since then ive had banny with me floating around my head and sometimes bubbling in agreement to things.

Banny is a reminder of the person I was before and how far I've come in the GFC, from someone who unintentionally kept getting themselves in trouble and now an assistant lead of research heading various projects. Though, without the fish i would feel like some of me is missing, Banny i suppose represents the crazy, adventurousness and experimental side of me. So creating the things I create, some of that old person must exist and it can exist in him.

so if you see banny with me floating around my head, say hi to him and give him a treat, just make sure you unban him long enough to feed him :P

From the corrupted mind of Richardjrn Weatherwax the Holographic serial banee


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  1. Ahhhh....it all makes sense now!! Thanks Rich :)