Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sad Box Face ™ strikes again

Yaz and Jimmy Sad Box ™  Faced victims

The cube face revenge roadshow rolls on and my latest victims to be hit with Sad Box Face ™ are staff writer Jimmy Vehrous whose practical jokes on poor me will soon approach double figures. But as they say revenge is sweets and the box is a great improvement on the blonde bombshell.

Of course I couldn't resist dropping a sad box on our Klingon Empress. It was definitely a drop and run for your life affair as i had no intention of being chased across 4 sims with a Bat'leth chopping at my high heels.

So remember those who have caged, boxed, bumped poor me into the sea and didn't constantly tell me how gorgeous I am, There's a lovely little sad box with your name on it....Beware, be vigilant, be at your keyboard :)

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