Monday, 8 August 2011

Ajax Distress Call

When a distress call over command chat channel states there is a problem up at the Ajax set, I was on it like a moth to a 100 watt lightbulb.  What could possibly be wrong, a few tribbles multiplying, a klingon finding his feminine side or a red top officer found alive and well.

On venturing up to Ajax there was an instant sense of something wrong. Maybe the flashing red alert lights were a dead give away.  So I made my way to the bridge using one of the turbo lifts.

On arrival it was clear something was definitely amiss. Why was there a force field blocking my progress. Not being a person prepared to bang my head against it all night I force TPed myself inside and noticed something at the corner of my eye.

Looking around I saw a Gorn like figure behind the second turbolift which was also behind a force field. On further investigation I found it was Dustin Sunflower, the original sender of the distress call.

"What's going on" I asked.

"I don't know, I got here and was blocked by this force field" replied Dustin.

I went over to the console to see if I could turn the red alert off, which by now was becoming extremely irritating.

Dustin and I decided we should investigate this further and made our way to the hallways to see if we could get a better understanding of the situation and find someway to turn the infuriating alarm off.

After deciding to split up to hasten our search, Dustin later came back to informed me he got the alert switched off. I could have kissed his scaly dragon skin, but Dustin would blush, people would talk and the blog crew would not let me forget it.

With the alert silenced, the flashing disco like lights tempered, I felt I could return to my duties in the knowledge I did absolutely nothing to solved this problem, but will insist in my report that somehow my cool head in the face of irritating flashing lights, buzzing blue force fields and my sheer presence was enough to  resolved the situation....Now I've just got to find someone gullible enough to buy it......

Deb's, I have a report I want you to read.....


  1. hmmm saying I am gullible Captain Desade

  2. Yes, it does grow on trees.

    lol Awesome post!