Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just For Fun: Poor Debbydo!

Note to all: This is a disadvantage of using a Text Viewer.

Debbydo's New look!

While at work, Debbydo logs onto SecondLife using her Text Viewer. Silly Billy TPd in straight under this nice looking box. But is this what really happened? A little bit of fun, or a malicious attempt to grief poor Debbydo?

Naughty of snapper Desade to inflict this sort of harm upon an unsuspecting Debbydo.

Now if you ask me: Debbydo probably isn't the happiest box in the world.

But doesn't she look pretty? Eh?

As the day draws to a close one thing is apparent - People love the new look Debbydo!!!

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Jimmy Vehrous For GFC News.


  1. Lol, best she's looked in ages

  2. hmmmm griefing and hacking all the evidence I need thanks guy.
    feel a rp court case coming on.
    ha ha ha ha ha

    just alllllllll watch your backs, Debbbydo never forgets.

  3. It was Tails Cluny - All of It.