Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pokemon Trainer Spotted!

Pokemon - 'Gotta Catch em All'

You may have see the creature below around the GFC sims the last couple of days. It seems this creature is in fact a Pokemon. Little did we know, by many Pokemon trainers have flocked to our Sims to catch this legendary Creature.

The Legendary Pokemon in question.

Courses tell us that the Pokemon was just making a nest in the Sandbox when Pokemon Trainer Angelis Bourne sneaked up on his unsuspecting victim.

Proud Pokemon Trainer Angelis Bourne

It was apparently a very long wait before Angelis actually "went for the kill" as it were. He creped up to the creature and released his very own Pokemon Ball.

Angelis using his Pokemon Ball

But would he be able to catch this Pokemon?

The wait is agonizing, waiting to see if the ball will close.

Well, I can tell you that Angelis Bourne is the proud owner of a brand new Pokemon!


Angelis, standing proud above his new Pokemon.

Sources tell me that as soon as the Legendary Pokemon was caught, Angelis set it upon snapper Desade in a Duel.

It didn't end well.

snapper Desade got owned!

From what we can tell, there are other creatures similar to this one around GFC, so remember to pack your Pokemon Balls before you leave.

Jimmy Vehrous.

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  1. Not a fair fight, he kicked my feet with those lethal flip-flops of his, we should get security to class them as a weapon....Sereana!!!!!!!!!!!