Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Phedre for GFC News: Ajax had a great turnout for the trip to Risa!

Subspace Message On Command Channel:

"Yes, we are going to Riza, in a secret mission to find information that will help us uncover what really happend during the recent Banditt trial....
so, find your beach wear, meet up in aeon sandbox as usual in about 45 minutes, at 6:30pm slt, for briefing...
even if your not involved in the mission itself, you can be background extras milling round the beach and tiki bar..."

As one of the locals I had a great time watching the rp unfold as the little man in the straw hat gave up top-secret information to a beauty in a bikini. After the mission ended the members continued to enjoy the sun and fun with a beach party. What a way to end a great evening!! Looking forward to the next one. Thank you Admiral :)

G-man here
Well tuesday night was definitely an interesting evening in GFC. It was beach party time, something you definitely don't see enough of here.
Officers and crewmen alike donned their best beach wear and danced the night away on a beautiful beach in Risa.
Even the Klingons got in on the action. Now here's something you don't see every day, a Klingon in his boxer shorts! Even the admiral let down his hair, so to speak and joined in on the fun.

I myself, although not feeling at my best, managed to cut a pretty good rug, with some of the beautiful ladies present if I do say so myself.A great time was had by all, and as the saying goes, all work and no play makes GFC officers.........well lets just say, it was a wonderful "play" evening.
But ever mindful of their duties, the party broke up early so that all involved could get a good night's rest to be back at their designated posts in the morning. I'm also told by an "informed" source, that said Risa beach will be left up a bit longer so that any other GFC personnel may make use of it as they see fit.

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  1. :O i missed a good party, damn thing we call sleep! *shakes his fist at his bed*

  2. I missed it as well, gutted

  3. I was there for the RP, but missed the party. I dont know how I did that, oh right. thing called sleep....

  4. I seem to miss all the fun *sigh* ahh well. Looks like fun! Nice post G :P

  5. Article update added to clear up premise for the event...sheesh