Thursday, 23 June 2011


Greetings all

G-man here. Well last nights party on Risa's beach was a great success. And even though I was feeling a "bit" under the weather, I had a wondeful time. I did make it home in plenty of time to get some rest and showed up at my post first thing wednesday morning. However, a few of my fellow officers expressed some concern at my appearance.
Not feeling at all myself, I decided I had better report to morning sickcall. 
I've rarely had much use for those in the medical profession. I think their mostly looking for ways to keep us pilots grounded. But I did feel pretty awful, and I knew that medical had moved into a new building that had all of the latest medical advances, so I ambled over to the new McCoy Troi Medical centered and reported to sickcall.

I was met at the front desk by "Doc" Angelis, who took one look at me and hustled me back into the medical center, where he told me to hop up onto a diagnostic bed, and thus began the "poking and prodding" that all medical professionals tend to do. I laid there quietly, listening to the mumbled jargon of the doctors and nurses who worked over me, only sometimes catching a few phrases that I thought I might have understood. Phrases like "dead tissue", "open cranium" "rigor mortis" I even thought once I heard them say that I had " no heartbeat" Very strange these medical people. But I laid there quietly, enduring their tests and diagnostic procedures, answering their questions when required, and truthfully, very impressed with their professionalism, and caring over the health of one lowly Ensign. At one point they even had me floating in a "vat" of some sort of liquid. Another time I was in something that even resembled a coffin, but  Doc  Angelis assured me I would be fine

Finally after what seemed to me to be forever, Doc Angelis looked down at me and said, "all done Ensign, you may return to full duty" I nearly flew out of my bed, and headed for the door, but not before I managed a heartfelt thank you to all of the members of the medical team that assisted in my recovery.
This is one Raccoon that won't take the services that the medical professionals here at GFC supply for granted any longer. I headed out the door back to my ship feeling my old self once more.
So for all of those who haven't had a chance to check out our wonderful new Medical Services building, stop on by and say hello to all the wonderful people there. If there's anytime a ensign can give a order, it will be that one *smiles*
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Here's a link to the rest of the pictures of my time in Medical. Enjoy!

SickCall Pictures

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