Friday, 1 June 2012

Runaway Runabout

Commodore RoBobby McMillan's log, stardate 2012-05-31

The Library's doing quite well, this fine thursday SL morning. So I decided to take a break from my duties, and walk through the forest area surrounding the Library and the Medical Center here in Constellation. I could almost hear the birds whistle their songs, except there are none. Perhaps we should ask the Xenology department to take a look at that.

Anyway, as I walked through the forests, I discovered something odd, from a distance. A small detail that was barely visible, but that clearly didn't belong there. What could it be?

I decided, in the best of Starfleet traditions, to explore. The idea that something unknown could be here, so close to the Library, was thrilling to say the least. As I got closer, the strange. . . light, it seemed, got brighter. Not only that, but it was part of something larger. I still couldn't quite figure out what it was, though. The trees blocked out the object.

Only when I got much, much closer, did I see what it was. It was a runabout, which had clearly crashlanded here. There seemed to be multiple hullbreaches, since even inside the foliage continued. The excitement that had grabbed me before was quickly replaced with the realisation that not too long ago, there was a major crisis going on. Whoever piloted the runabout, was at least able to set it down next to the medical center. Hopefully whomever had been inside, had made it. There was no way to tell...

I couldn't help but notice how close to the Library this ship actually was. If the runabout pilot hadn't landed this craft where it did, it could have hit the Library, or worse, the medical center itself! The results could have been disastrous. Better not think about that...

As I entered the medical building though, I noticed something strange. Like a build-up of static electricity. And then I saw it: something I had never seen before. It had a pulsing core, with several arms, or tentacles, waving around. It was beautiful and frightening at the same time. But most of all. . . it shouldn't be here. I hadn't seen any reports of a strange entity being brought to the medical center, after all...

I decided the best cause of action, was to call for help. Pretty soon, several officers and enlisted personnel arrived, and my suspicions were confirmed. This entity was emitting some sort of energy field, unlike anything I've ever seen. And judging by the crash of Mr. Weatherwax's Gryphon, it had a destabilising effect on flying vehicles! That might explain the crashed runabout too!

We quickly went off to check the runabout's logs, and indeed... due to an energy overload, the runabout's own navigational systems had destabilised. Further investigation confirmed that it was this entity which caused the overload. But how to stop it? Thankfully, we managed to determine that a quarantine field would stop the energy emissions, without hurting the entity.

A quick modification to the quarantine field later, and the problem was solved. Still, there was the problem of this entity being a living being... so we'd need to address that issue soon. Right now though, Constellation's skies were clear again!

Isn't it amazing what you find when you go out for a walk in the forests?

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  1. So glad i could Join in and help, first time for this Recruit, even better, it involved the medical centre, where i hope to be stationed soon...
    Recruit Ziggy Spider