Thursday, 31 May 2012

GFC Mobile Phone App Tests

Have you ever wanted to know who was hanging out in the GFC when your not online. One of the things we've been looking at in the research division has been how to connect with people better. For instance, the divisional signing boards are just one aspect of helping members know when divisional members are online and are ready to give assistance.

In addition, sometimes you may like to know who's around the GFC when your not there, since we are testing possible ways of using mobile technology to assist members. To give this a try we thought of making an app that has a simple function, giving a list of who's in any of the GFC sims at a particular time.

on loading the app you'll  see a simple text entry area and an "AVLIST" button. When you click the Avlist button  the app connects to a server and a list of GFC sims appear, when you select one of the sims you get an immediate list of avatars in that sim.

This is just a trial app and a feature like this may not make a full public release but certainly the technology used offers a wide variety of possible and interesting applications which could benefit the GFC in some way.

The Mobile app runs on android phones at the moment more details about it and other developments when they happen.

Mobile App Programmer: Richardjrn Weatherwax

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