Saturday, 2 June 2012

DS19 RP - Finding A Cure For A deadly Virus

Deep Space 19 Station Log: Edward Auxifur & Sophie Jonhnson

The team, consisting of both Commanders of DS19: Commander Phantom and Commodore Desade, along with Senior Science Officer Auxifur and other members of DS19, constantly searched the lands, eventually coming across a winged beast, thought to be the legendary Pegasus.
After meeting a number of others, and gradually learning of the worlds background, the virus was created on Vulcan by a team of Suraeens  and the particular disease had been plaguing the land: Deeja Duru (Vulcan for Healing Trance).

The disease was not fully understood, however it was understood that it only effected vulcans, and resulted in a change in the DNA structure. The team returned to DS19, studying and analyzing a sample of DNA taken from a vulcan resident.

Few days passed, and it was beginning to make sense that the disease was more serious than it was originally thought to be. Doctor Scorpio - a vulcan doctor holding secrets to the disease from the land of Tow-Kath had also been put into a state of coma, and had gone missing over the past few days.

It was thus decided that a team had to be assembled to focus purely on the Deeja Duru virus. Lead by Commander Edward Auxifur, the team was presented a science vessel (U.S.S Gamese) to constantly monitor the planet whilst maintaining orbit.

More days passed, and the members of DS19 faced immediate shock as Doctor Scorpio appeared in DS19 along with another federation team who had retrieved her.

Whilst on Tow-Kath, Captain Auxifur was informed by a dragon-like being that the 'Golden waters' were the cure for the Deeja Duru virus... he had already retrieved a sample, and therefore, after a while of panic and intensity, gave the waters to the unconcious Dr. Scorpio, thus awakening her from her coma state.

Dr.Scorpio informed Auxifur that the golden waters were not the complete cure, and another type of water, the 'Azure waters' back on Tow-Kath supposedly only completed the cure for Vulcans.

It was then found that the disease had unknowingly spread across various quadrants, effecting thousands, even millions who have no idea that they have the disease.

The cure is still unknown - and both DS19 and the world of Tow-Kath must find it, and save millions.

NB: We would like to thank the group from Tow-kath for participating and their kind message after the RP. More info about this RP and their group in later articles.

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