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GFC Winter Bi-Annual Ball 2014/15


Comman....I mean, Captain Sophie Johnson reporting. "Captain" is a rank I'm never going to get used to. You find yourself standing up at the podium, presenting your acceptance speech and the awards and promotions don't quite sink in straight away.

A lot of time and effort was put into this year's Winter Bi-Annual Ball. You had people from across the fleet providing assistance wherever they could - a joint effort of talent to create a masterpiece that everyone could be proud of. After all, the masterpiece represents all the hard work that each individual puts in every day; that's why the Bi-Annual Ball is such a fantastic event to be at.

Although, you can't forget the men and women behind the scenes of the event - making sure it runs smoothly. Without their cooperation and attention, the Ball wouldn't have been a big of a success as it was. The doors opened at 1pm SLT, with the ball starting promptly at 2pm.
Pre-Dance Event organized by Social Events!

Admiral Snapper Desade and the Social Events team put together a big pre-Ball Dance event in the Galaxy Plaza outside the Roddenberry at 10am SLT. Anyone and everyone could come along, grab their dancing shoes; a partner and dance away until the main event. Over the coming hours, members and guests flooded into the Plaza in their attire and relaxed with friends and colleagues until it was time to step up.

As you stepped through off the turbolift inside the Roddenberry, a chime could be heard from the doors at the end of the corridor as you approached them. As they chime open, you become exposed to a mixture of excitement and nervousness. A fantastic ball scene - built by the miracle workers in Engineering - based around the theme the people voted for: Orions!
Orions sweep the room!
RoBo....I mean, Terzon and his "groupies" announced the start of the main event. In an attempt to take control of the Ajax, Terzon offered to give Vice-Fleet Admiral Mechanique a dance in honor of the friendly relationship between the Syndicate and the Federation. Unable to resist the luxurious women before him, he provided the Orions with access to his ship.....or did he? Allowing the Orions time to believe they have control of the flagship, the Vice-Fleet Admiral turned the tables by pointing the ships weapons at this very location - backed into a corner, the Orion women questioned the Vice-Fleet Admiral about the situation. He revealed that Terzon contacted Starfleet about the active Syndicate cell on the planet and that it had already been taken care of.

An amazing roleplay to kickstart what would be a great event for all!

Special Thanks to:
Cobramax Mechanique who played himself
RoBobby McMillan who played Terzon and creator of the storyline
Langy Moorlord who played the Admiral's entourage (last-minute!)
Debbydo who played Mendora
T'Lara Ek'Tal (melodyparis) who played Variel
LKG01A Duke who played Sterova

As the roleplay finished, each participant joined the rest of the attendees at tables built and provided by Merky (richmerk). The scene itself reminiscent of the typical Orion scenes seen around the Star Trek TV franchises seen broadcast. An excellent replica built by Merky and his Engineering gnomes! A big thank you must go out to them for their hard-work so that the Ball could take place!

Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Vice-Fleet Admiral Cobramax Mechanique took their places at the head of the room, people were called up in alphabetical order in groups of ten at a time to accept their awards and/or promotions and present their speeches.
Officers bow down in front of the Admiralty as they prepare to give their speeches!
Over the passing hours, many brilliant officers gave their inspiring speeches to the rest of the audience. Words that were spoken were ones of solitude and meaning - heartfelt words that officers of the fleet understood and reciprocated. The Bi-Annual Ball is an emotional time for the officers of the fleet, rewarded for their hard work and exceptional effort over the previous six month and the day comes when they're allowed to kick back and enjoy themselves.

After the awards and promotions were collected, everyone gathered outside for a sublime fireworks show put together by newly promoted Admiral TimoL McMillan! Now is was time for the dancing and celebratory drinking to commence!
Fantastic fireworks display by TimoL McMillan to send the dancing away!

The list of officers who received awards and promotions is listed below.

•• Galaxy Star ••
Ai Kikuchiyo - Strategic Operations
Cobramax Mechanique - Strategic Operations
Debbydo - Engineering, Command, Social Events, Galaxy Radio
Falatapus - Social Events, Galaxy Radio, Recruitment
Iceman (iceman.nirpaw) - Tactical
Isilmeriel - Tactical
Jailan - Research
Jamie089 - Recruitment
JD Matova - Command
Jez Enzo - Recruitment
Katrina Bixby - Command
Moonglow (shanna.oxygen) - Command, Strategic Operations
Nathen Rexen - Tactical
Penelopeperil - Strategic Operations
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Galaxy Radio, Research, Command
Richmerk - Library, Galaxy Radio, Command, Recruitment
RoBobby McMillan - Command
Rsd58 Congrejo - Recruitment
Snapper Desade - Command, Galaxy Radio, Recruitment
Songlord - Strategic Operations
TimoL McMillan - Command
Wolferein Foxdale - Engineering, Library, Tactical

•• Legion of Merit ••
Ai Kikuchiyo - Medical
Andromeda Quonset - Command
Angelis Bourne - Command
Benjamin Brougham - Engineering
BunE Rabbit - Strategic Operations
Debbydo - Tactical
Falatapus - Galaxy Radio, Recruitment
Iceman (iceman.nirpaw) - Tactical
Isilmeriel - Tactical
JacieIslander - Strategic Operations
Jamie089 - Recruitment
Jez Enzo - Recruitment
Kendra Mollsen - AAC, Recruitment
LdnG - Recruitment
LKG01A Duke - Tactical
Melodyparis - Medical, Strategic Operations
MJ Mathy - Social Events
Monkeyman Firethorn - Strategic Operations
Moonglow (shanna.oxygen) - Social Events, Command
Nathen Rexen - Tactical
Penelopeperil - Medical, Strategic Operations
Phedre Aonifall - AAC
Razor Indigo - Strategic Operations
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Social Events, Galaxy Radio
Richmerk - Library, Galaxy Radio, Recruitment
Rsd58 Congrejo - Recruitment
Sereana Westland - AAC, Strategic Operations
Snapper Desade - Galaxy Radio, Security, Tactical, Recruitment
Songlord - Strategic Operations
Sophie Johnson - Security, Strategic Operations
Tailsy Dash (tails8) - Strategic Operations
Tatiana (paradox0013) - Strategic Operations
Tod Vlodovic - Strategic Operations
Wolferein Foxdale - Social Events, Library, Tactical
Yaz (batlhtlhutlh) - Strategic Operations

•• Commendation ••
Debbydo - Academy
Emilie DeSantis - AAC
LdnG - Academy
LittleReta Strikes - AAC
Marystuart4 - Security
Melodyparis - Strategic Operations
Michaelandrew.quan - Academy
Michel Rosenstrauch - AAC
Monkeyman Firethorn - AAC
Penelopeperil - Academy
Renari.Ishtari - Academy
RoBobby McMillan - Academy
Rsd58 Congrejo - Medical
S'Age Ein'veh (zhengli) - Medical, Academy, AAC
Sereana Westland - AAC
Silke Horten - Security
Tailsy Dash (tails8) - AAC
Tatiana (paradox0013) - AAC

•• Red Crest ••
Debbydo - Engineering, Command
Falo Priestman - Command
Gokyu Ugajin - Command
Kylie Shergood - AAC
Nathen Rexen - Tactical
Richmerk - Engineering, Command, Library, Tactical, Recruitment

•• Achievement ••
Braxx Juventa - Library
Kendra Mollsen - Library
Kizna DeAllura (kizna.oh) - Tactical
Melodyparis - Medical
Razor Indigo - Medical
RoBobby McMillan - Library
Sunshine Hotshot (sunshine.yatsenko) - Tactical

•• Meritorious ••
Debbydo - Academy
Gimonia Horten - Security
Rsd58 Congrejo - Medical, Security
S'Age Ein'veh (zhengli) - Academy

•• Promotions ••
Ai Kikuchiyo - Lt. Commander > Commander :: Medical, Strategic Operations
Benjamin Brougham - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Engineering
BlueAgate - Lieutenant > Lt. Commander :: AAC, Medical
Braxx Juventa - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Library
BunE Rabbit - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Command
Cobramax Mechanique - Admiral > Vice-Fleet Admiral :: Recruitment, Command
Debbydo - Captain > Commodore :: Engineering, Command, Social Events, Galaxy Radio, Tactical
Isilmeriel - Lieutenant > Lt. Commander :: Engineering, Tactical
Jailan - Commander > Captain :: Research
Josh Eun - Ensign > Lieutenant JG :: AAC
Kendra Mollsen - Commander > Captain :: Library, Recruitment
Kizna DeAllura (kizna.oh) - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Tactical
Langy Moorlord - Lt. Commander > Commander :: Engineering, Social Events
LdnG - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Academy, Recruitment
LKG01A Duke - Lt. Commander > Commander :: Tactical
Melodyparis - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Medical, Strategic Operations
Michel Rosenstrauch - Captain > Commodore :: AAC, Communications, Security
Monkeyman Firethorn - Commander > Captain :: AAC
Moonglow (shanna.oxygen) - Ensign > Lieutenant JG :: Command, Strategic Operations
Nathen Rexen - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Tactical
Penelopeperil - Lt. Commander > Commander :: Medical, Academy, Security, Strategic Operations
Renari.Ishtari - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Academy
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Commodore > Rear Admiral :: Engineering, Command, Social Events, Galaxy Radio, Tactical, Research
Richmerk - Lt. Commander > Commander :: Engineering, Command, Library, Tactical, Recruitment
RoBobby McMillan - Commodore > Rear Admiral :: Library
Rsd58 Congrejo - Commander > Captain :: Security, Recruitment, Medical
Snapper Desade - Vice Admiral > Admiral :: Engineering, Command, Galaxy Radio, Tactical, Recruitment
Sophie Johnson - Commander > Captain :: Security, Command, Strategic Operations
Tailsy Dash (tails8) - Ensign > Lieutenant JG :: AAC
Tatiana (paradox0013) - Ensign > Lieutenant JG :: AAC
Thatgirlccl - Ensign > Lieutenant JG :: AAC
TimoL McMillan - Vice Admiral > Admiral :: Command
Tod Vlodovic - Lieutenant JG > Lieutenant :: Medical
Wolferein Foxdale - Lieutenant > Lt. Commander :: Engineering, Library, Tactical

Now, I'm not sure about the rest of you but I'm *pretty* sure that I've left people out. Don't get me wrong, the Ball is a special time of year that only happens twice a year - but we can't forget those who worked behind the scenes to make the Ball happen. My special thanks goes to the following:

Debbydo, Merky (richmerk), Wolfie (wolferein.foxdale), Snapper Desade, Cobramax Mechanique, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Kendra Mollsen, Social Events, Engineering, the Command Division and many many more!

Let's go make sure we have another fantastic six month, folks!


Winter Ball 2014-15 Pictures by Snapper Desade - Link Here
Winter Ball 2014-15 Preparations - Link Here
Summer Ball 2014 - Link Here

Debbydo is awesome!

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