Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winter Bi-Annual Ball 2014/15 cometh

Bi-Annual ball ad unit curtsey of Communication Division  

The time of year has rolled round once more and the winter ball is again upon the members of the GFC, this years theme as voted by the group is the Orion house as seen in the Original Star Trek series pilot episode "The Cage".

The Bi-Annual ball is GFC's opportunity to award its members for their hard work and dedication over the past 6 months in the group, its where they hand out awards and promotions (promotions from the rank of ensign upwards).

The ball will start at 2pm SLT, but before the start of the event debbydo and Robobby will be on the land stream radio entertaining you from around 10am upto the start of the ball. The dress code will be either Orion theme dress with vendors available to get Orion like skins and outfits curtsey  of Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah Resident) for 50L$ or if you have the GalaxyFleetCommand group tag you can pick up a green skin for free from GFC medical.

Dress uniforms can also be picked up for free from the recruitment office or medical, again main GFC group tag required for access.

For those not picking up awards, promotion or who are guests, suits and evening dresses tend to be a popular choice of attire.

Location of green Skins/Avatars/Outfits

         Kendra's Store                               Medical Location

As usual the main event will feature the acceptance of award and promotions. Members will be able to stand up and give a short speech when receiving their achievements. A RP is also planned, as are fireworks and the dance party at the end which snapper Desade will be hosting.

The event is once again scheduled to be held at the Roddenberry centre in Galaxy Sim,  congratulations for all those who are up for awards and promotions, we hope everyone will have a truly great day.

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