Friday, 2 January 2015

Looking back at 2014

2014 was another busy year in the GFC, many things happened, some of which we recorded in this blog, I've picked a few stories to remind you of  it, so lets jog down memory lane again and reminisce about the year that was 2014......

Tactical's New Building

A new tactical building was created in Sovereign sim, an opening party was held for it.

Halloween 2014

This year Halloween was a bit different, instead of just having a party social events
created a whole adventure game, featuring a story about a crashed ship, with monsters
and all those things which make Halloween fun.

Katrina's 10th Rezzday Party

To Celebrate the 10th rezzday of the fleet admiral a party was thrown with a 1930 Chicago theme

White Christmas

Snow once again fell on the ground in the GFC, to get in a festive mood an ice rink was laid down, snowmen plotted around and all the sims had a nice Christmas feel about them. 

Library and Exhibition

This year the library was returned back under command division and changed location
to the first floor of the HQ building. New devices were added which linked members to the most
up-to-date information about the group, with new items added virtually daily. Also exhibitions
have been run there.

4th of July

To make celebrating independence day a little bit special a giant statue of liberty was erected in
Sovereign sim. 

Summer Bi-Annual Ball (Klingon Theme)

The summer bi-Annual ball was another lavished affair, with specially staged Klingon dance, rp, awards and
promotions all in an impressive Klingon hall with huge statues.

Giant Statue

A giant statue appeared on the hill in sovereign which could be seen from just about any
ground position in the GFC if your draw distance was set high enough.

Adventures of A Librarian

Robobby takes librarians where they've never gone before

Easter Hover Car Gift

As an Easter gift richmerk gave away a fun hover car to members

Research & Friends Oculus Rift VrTREK 

Richardjrn Weatherwax and myself explore the 3D headset oculus Rift
with a star trek experience. Video Above.

Valentines Day

Once again valentines day was celebrated at the GFC with a beautiful scene based on the
grand ball from the Disney movie beauty and the beast.

New HQ Ribbon Cutting

For those who didn't witness the opening of the new HQ a few weeks ago missed a new creative way to cut the ribbon, some of our engineers found a totally over the top approach to unveiling a new building by creating a giant replica of the TOS episode "The Cage" fortress class phaser which when activated cut the ribbon and open the new HQ officially, above is a short video capturing that moment.

GFC Tram ride video by Katrina Bixby

GalaxyFleetCommand Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby made a video which highlighted the tram which has been build to commute members around the sims taking a more scenic route. In the video she also points out other relevant locations in the sims people may like to visit. Video above.

Winter Bi-Annual Ball

Andoria was the theme for the winter bi-annual ball. Based in an ice cave scene, members
sat at ice tables and chairs, awards and promotions were handed out as well as a radio play,
fireworks and dancing.