Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sophie's Rez Day Party

Its hard to believe that around a year ago a red haired Avatar entered the Aeon sandbox and ended up helping create a football pitch. Well, that avatar Hydregion Resident (better know now as Sophie Johnson) has come a long way since then, boasting the rank of Lt.Jg and previously being a tactical assistant lead who has now transferred over to being the assistant lead at medical, not including her regular Rping and permanent activities in DS19 and has been integral to its resurgence.

To celebrate her rez day and say a little thank you Social Events and Richard Weatherwax help throw a little party for her in DS19's bar, plenty of people came in to wish her a happy rez day, dance and knock back the synthehol which was on offer.

I'm sure Sophie would like to thank all those who came along to say hi.



  1. I appreciate the sentiment. You're right, it's been a long year but it's been a helluva journey. I look forward to another year (if I last that long ^_^) and continued partnership with the GFC.