Friday, 21 September 2012

One of those weeks

Its been one of those weird weeks which gets no weirder than ponies at DS19 bar..I kid you not colorful rainbow ponies knocking back the fruit juice like it was water to a thirsty man. Now, we've seen some strange sights in the bar but a pony lap dancing.....Even I had to recheck the content of the glass I was drinking....Liquid = Check, 60% proof = Check, enough alcohol to kick a mule off a stool = Check.

We also had "Talk Like A Pirate Day"....Yes it is a day....People were encouraged to come down to the beach in sovereign, throw on some piratey costumes, eye patch, wooden legs to shiver their timbers and Ooh Arrr their way through about 8 hours of dancing and tales of pirate like acts upon the open waves or maybe sovereign lake which ever was more likely to be plausible.

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