Sunday, 4 December 2011

Monkeyman and Isobel's Wedding

Weeks of planning, more bridesmaids costume and hair changes than I care to remember and the day had arrived. The wedding of monkeyman and Isobel was upon us.

Last week Saturday a crowd of friends and members made their way to the sumptuous church which had been erected in the plaza at Constellation.

The guests sat quietly as the wedding party made their way down the aisle, bridesmaids, bestman groomsmen all walking two by two taking their prearranged places at the foot of the alter.

There was much discussion the Skype channel which was running along the precedings.

Finally it was my turn to walk down the alsle with Isobel as I had the honour of giving the bride away.
Fortunately for us  the walking animations worked perfectly for us and she made her way up the steps to hold hands with monkeyman and the vows could begin.

Thomas Aker  recited the specially written service, the bride and groom delivered their vows and in the blink of an eye their union had been joined in the eyes of their friends.

As the guests cheered the bridal party made their way out of the church and to the short walk across sims to Galaxy to attend the lavish reception being held at the Roddenberry Centre.

The were many chinked glasses and wine drinking animations before the speeches where delivered as Sodak, Debbydo and myself said a few words to the bride and groom before they sauntered off to cut the cake.

After attacking the cake with the sharpest knife they could find it was time for the customary first dance. Monkeyman lead Isobel to the specially rezzed dance floor at  the back of the hall as they poseballed their was through the first dance with everybody else jumping in and boogies with all manner of poorly animated dances, yes that chicken dance did make a appearance.

I think we can all agree it was a fantastic wedding and thanks to all the people who came to support them on their special day. 27 people, all members of the GFC came and witnessed them getting married which is a great achievement and shows how supportive the group is when good people have their day.

Special thanks must go to Thomas Acker for finding the wonderful church and taking the service, 6 of  9 (Yalene Resident) for getting everything sorted in the small space of time she had to do it it, Tails Cluny for decorations and Kaori for dresses and fashion tips.

More pictures HERE

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