Saturday, 3 December 2011

GFC Nemesis..... Allegedly

Nemesis in Nemesis...The irony

With the Winter ball approaching faster than a comet on a collision course and the new GFC ball movie the guys and gals of the AAC have been filming over the last couple of days nearly in the can, there where rumors, in fact  mere whispers, voices heard in hush hush tones that GFC members could have hit the big screen and been legends in their own dinner breaks.

Could those rumors be true? Well, there seems to be some pictorial evidence to suggest that GFC's own Nemesis didn't just pick is name by chance, but was the original foe to Jean-Luc Picard in the motion picture Star Trek nemesis.

Early scripts suggested something to do with balding going where no slap head had gone before, some mission about rescuing something that needed rescuing in a space ship that flew very very fast, so fast that even Einstein would have gone "come on guys your just making this stuff up".

If rumors are to be believed then some other GFC members where suppose to also have appear in the original filming of star trek nemesis. It had been claimed our very own Snapper Desade was suppose to have got the role of that other crew member no one has ever seen before who you just know isn't going to make it back to the ship because of some accident with being shot by a lazer which Einstein would have said "Pulse lazers, Come on, stop making this stuff up". Its even said in the hallow dunes of the sandbox that Richardjrn Weatherwax made a brief appearance in the movie...... With wings.....And no one said "erm, you do know you've got wings growing out of your back....you know, just thought i'd say, in case you missed it or thought what that funny itch was".

Snapper joins Worf, Data and  Picard

But of course many of you like Einstein would just say "Come on, He's just making stuff up", but do picture lie.....Don't answer that question, and if anyone mentions the word photoshop I'll sue.

Worf and Richard  goes to shoot things that can't fire back straight at point blank range


  1. we found tribbles that explode....

  2. @angelis yout claiming there's other photo editors than photoshop.....I shall be back with the soap and water....Now open wide.

    @rich then put them back and walk out of the room slowly