Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blake Sea Navigation Exercise

Greetings all

G-Man here

The following are 2 notices that I've sent out to our AAC Pilots about an upcoming Flight Navigation Exercise i'm holding in the Blake Sea area. It is not limited to only AAC members. Anyone is welcome to fly with us. So if this sounds interesting to you, or you need more information, please feel free to IM me.

Notice #1
Greetings Pilots
I am in the process of planning another Multi sim navigation patrol/exercise. It will once again be in the Blake sea area. The patrol will end at Lt. Cmdr Sodak's new land in the area, where we will have a after event party. I am enclosing a LM to a sim that has a free helicopter and free airplane. If your new to multi sim flying and navigating I suggest using the helicopter. For the more experienced, you might want to try the plane. The helicopter is in the hangar at the SW end of the Field, and the plane is outside of that hangar to the south. Of course you are also free to use your own helicopter or airplane, if you own any. I'm not sure exactly what day it will be yet. More on that as I finish up the route. Hope to see everyone there.

Click for location

Ltjg Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader

Notice #2
Greetings Pilots.
This is the route for this Exercise. We will be starting at Honah Lee Surf Airport. Once there we will Rezz our ships one by one and take off, and follow the route listed below. Try and keep at least 1 sim distance between you and the person in front of you. If you see the person in front of you stopped, you stop also. This helps on avoiding lag crashes if we keep only 1 pilot per sim.

Fly at an altitude of 100 meters and at a throttle speed no greater than 30%. You may fly slower if you wish.

If you do lag crash, tp to the last tp point, re-rezz and continue.

Remember to De-Prim as much as possible. Especially hair and shoes. They can kill you on sim crossings. Take off any attachments, huds, AO's, and radars. Turn on your ARC and look at it. It should be as low as possible, and the color green!

You will be crossing 22 sim borders on your flight today.

Good Luck!

Fly North to Blake Sea - Cattewater  (5 sims)

Turn right (east) to Blake Sea - China (2 sims)

Turn left (north) and land at Hollywood Airport in Santa Catalina. (1 sim) This is one of the biggest and busiest airports in the Blake Sea area. Watch for air traffic!! 

Once you've landed, relax for a minute then take off heading south back into Blake Sea -China (1 sim)

Turn right (west) and fly to Blake Sea - Crows Nest (3 sims). In the middle of this sim is a very beautifully detailed lighthouse with a helicopter landing pad. If your in a helicopter, try landing on the pad. If your in a airplane circle the lighthouse once before continuing.

Continue West to Blake Sea - Lanyard (3 sims) Turn right (north). Fly to Eliades. (5 sims). At this point start increasing your altitude. The runway is at 525 meters, so you want to be at about 550-560 meters to make your approach.

Ok Pilots, this is where it gets tricky! The sim just to the north of Eliades is Siracusa. It has been having alot of problems. DO NOT FLY INTO IT!!! It probably even appears dark on your mini map, so do not enter that sim! Instead turn right (North East) and cut across the corner of Wicktro and cross into Rivadulla (2 sims).

Turn left (North) and fly to Elhaddad (4 sims). By the time you get to Elhaddad you should be at an altitude of at least 550 meters.

Turn left (West) and you should see the Hangar/Runway in front of you. The Runway is at 525 meters. Head into the next sim, Tordangle and land on the runway.

Shutdown, end of Exercise.

Welcome to Lt. Commander Sodak's new place.

Let the Party Begin!!  :)

For any who haven't been to the Blake Sea area, it is an amazing place! You have to see it to believe it. So I hope that anyone that can make it will come fly with us to see this wonderful place. And again, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to IM me in world. Hope to see you all there.

I am tentatively scheduling this event for next Sunday, 12/11/11 at 1pm SLT. Hopefully this will allow the maximum number of UK and US pilots to attend. I will put out more notices when the time has been permanently scheduled.

As Always...G-Man

Ltjg Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader

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