Friday, 21 October 2011

CWC Wolverines Maiden Flight

One of the great aspects of RPing at the GFC is the variety of roleplays available, over the last few weeks we've seen borgs, andorians, tribble infestations, experimental facilities and a brutal attack on a poor defenseless turret.

This Saturday at 6pm SLT another RP will take its maiden voyage, but it promises to be an RP with a difference. Not set on your traditional starfleet ship the crew find themselves way from familiar surroundings aboard the CWC Wolverine. This large flyable vessel set against a futuristic city backdrop, is big enough for engaging RPing but will also be capable of full on ship to ship battles.

I was shown around the impressive environment to get a feel of the place and must say, I think RPers are going to love it.

Damian Firecaster will be leading this away mission so if you don't want to miss out you can IM him for details or be available in world for 6pm SLT and listen out for group messages.

Sneak Peek Pictures HERE

Disclaimer: All appropriate away mission rules have been satisfied. So no need to ask.

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