Sunday, 23 October 2011

Galak's Clothiers

It was 02:00 hours when I landed my Gryphon F in the landing bay of DS19 Prospero Station.  Tired from the long flight to the station from the R&D Division offices in GFC HQ, I took the turbo lift to the promenade deck to get a nice refreshing cup of tea at the promenade cafe/lounge.  Instead of taking the main turbolift, I mistakenly took the lift used mostly by the AAC and found myself on the other side of the promenade deck from my destination.  I decided to walk... the exercise would wake me up a bit.

As I walked the promenade anticipating a nice warm cup of tea, something unexpected caught my eye. There up ahead near a spiral staircase to the upper promenade level, I saw a bright yellow sign that read “Galak's Clothiers”.  My eyes, wide with surprise stayed glued on the sign as I walked toward it. My mind raced... “a clothiers here on Prospero?”  “a new place to shop for clothes?”  “a tailor who could do alterations on my uniforms?” “Galak's? a relative of the famous clothier of DS9?” I whispered aloud to myself, "It would be nice to get something special that is not a uniform occassionally."

My thoughts and my progress toward the shop were stopped dead when I almost fell on my face as I tripped over a construction barricade.  The shop was not yet open for business. Unfortunately, this means I would have to wait for Galak to open his shop on DS19 Prospero Station.

 Disappointed, I resumed my trek around the promenade deck toward the station cafe/lounge.  When I arrived and sat at a table, the barmaid brought me my usual cup of English Breakfast Tea and a shortbread biscuit.

I sat wondering, “When will Galak's Clothiers be opening? And what will they offer to those who are waiting to go shopping?”

Entry by Starr Jetaime

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