Thursday, 15 September 2011

Andoria with the Away Team

One of the ideas of developing the Away Team Set Project was to create sets on demand, so it was the perfect test when Admiral Cobramax Mechanique requested an Andorian set for the long running Ajax RP. The team of   Rokks Resident,  katie Zwilling, Seven of Nine (zannadu Resident) and Richard Weatherwax  set about creating the set.

The team were just given pictures, articles and videos relating to the Andorian homeworld from various star trek references and came up in super quick time with an ancient set of ruins, rolling sands and underground caves.
In this RP  Starship Captain  Mechanique beamed down his team of Janel Doune, Brandy Dawn Prescott (Banditt Weintraub), Kal Aie and snapper Desade to the windy ice planet of Andoria where they came across not only andorians played by Lillian Aries and Gokyu Ugajin but an Orions in the guise of Phedre Aonifall. Dustin Sunflower came in later to add a new character  to the story.

Once again the set played its part in adding to the narrative and when you combine that with costumes and alien skins on show, it created a great atmosphere for the participants and a desire for more of the same.

RP's are the life blood of any trek sim and its good to see a handful of GFC ones which are happy to push the boundaries. There's even more technology in the works to push it further, but that's for another article <winks>.

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