Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Trouble with Tribbles.....

One thing  you have to expect with the Gibraltar RP is not to expect what you think your going to expect. The last mission had the Gibraltar crew searching a disused borg ship from the Away Team set project.

The question was how was that going to topped. I thought I'd pop along to the RP to find out. I was running a little late for the RP so you can imagine my surprise when I landed on the USS Voyagers teleport padd in Constellation.

As I dematerialised I was welcomed by a sea of Tribble, it was obviously this was going to be an interesting RP.

LoveVamp came in to see what the commotion was in the teleport room and found me sitting on the floor mumbling to myself. I wasn't sure which was now more distracting the tribbles or the short shirt.

On venturing to the hallway it because apparent that either we had a serious tribble infestation, a breeding program gone wrong or the tribbles were having a ship party.

And there was no peace in 10 forward either, the Tribbles have taken over that as well, I'd dare not use the replicator, didn't fancy Starfleet coffee with hair in it.

Making my way to the bridge I found some humans....well my tricorder recognised Lovevamp and Partybabeliz, Robobby's Avatar just had a question mark and sad face next to it.

Too late, they had already overtaken the bridge, the ship was in command by creatures younger than Justin Bieber fans.

The medical centre wasn't spared either, they were pouring out of the office, laying on the beds and demanding free health care for all Tribbles.

And the moral of this story is...your saw the episode, don't put Tribbles on your ship and I don't care how cute they are, they have no face, that's a clue, don't trust anything without a face.

Full Story - Gibraltar RP Blog


  1. But... but... but... they make such a cute purring sound! :P

    And the full story can be found on the Gibraltar Blog: http://ussgibraltar.blogspot.com/

    It was a great RP indeed :D

  2. Ahh stupid blogger didn't update your link on the sidebar >:(

  3. A Klingon's nightmare!
    Was it laggy? lol
    Looks like it was a lot of fun, I regret I missed it.

  4. lol looks like it was a fun rp. sorry I missed. Did anyone save a tribble for me :)

  5. @Kal Wasn't any noticeable lag at all.

    @Gokyu No tribbles were saved, they were beamed off the ship to god knows where, have your learnt nothing, they are vermin and have no face.

    one minute you'll be cuddling one the next building a house extension for its offspring.