Friday, 23 September 2011

Fallen Turret

I thought I'd pop in and watch the AAC Paris RP event which is held at 6pm SLT Thursday. This RP differ's from the all out dog fighting nature of Wednesday 6pm AAC event and is a more traditional RP experience.

I made a surprise visit to the event and noticed ships already flying outside. On taking a look I witnessed what most probably was the most one sided space battle this side of an AT-AT vs an Ewok tied to a tree blindfolded.

First I saw 2 gryphons and a delta flyer attacking this solitary gun turret, to say it was out numbered, out gunned and outside was an understatement. Then out of nowhere came Starr Jetaine and Kaori Juliese to widen the odds of the poor turrets survival from not a chance in hell to not a chance beyond that place called hell.

Dustin Thunderstorm (Dustin Sunflower) showed no fear towards the beleaguered turret and took to it with his sword and power ranger suit....erm....Yes....Moving on....

I can confirm the hapless turret lost.....Many times, smoke bellowing out of its metal casing was a regular occurrence as the onslaught continued until someone felt mercy for it and let it rest in piece.

It would be appreciated if all our fellow readers give the Turret a minutes silents in memory of its valiant but hopeless effort to fend off the best of the best the AAC could throw at it.



  1. LOL sorry I missed it! Looked like alot of fun!!

  2. D: my poor turret which only the gryphon's can kill D:

  3. It was a massacre... They didn't even listen to the poor turrets begging. they just kept firing...I bet they offered it cake to go up there :p