Friday, 23 September 2011

You can label me anytime

One thing I've be noticing recently as the blog matures with age and articles is that it's starting to become a resource of information. You will have noticed at the bottom of most articles there is the term "labels" with a few key words next to them. This is quite important as they are searchable story links and if you look at the left sidebar towards the bottom of the page, you''ll notice a long list of labeled words with numbers next to them. These indicate how many stories have those selected words or phrases attached to them.

Where I've noticed this has become useful is when talking to people about  certain activities within the group and to be able to pull up a list of stories regarding those activities. It creates indirectly an easy to search database of articles and resources which can be tapped into anywhere you have an internet connection and a device which can access it about the group and the things it does.

An example of that was somebody said they had an interest in the AAC and Tactical divisions, by just clicking on the labels, up popped more than a dozen articles regarding them to read through detailing events that have happened  with photo's. What better advertisement for a division or sim in general to have that kind of data on tap.

So if divisions or members  want stuff mentioned feel free to drop debbydo resident or snapper Desade  a message or even a story and we'll see if we can get it into the blog. We will be making an easy away to submit stories so watch this space.

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