Thursday, 22 September 2011


There are somethings you see that you have to just say "Cool" to. Theres no complicated explanation to it or a 12 page thesis explaining the origin of said item of coolness, in addition to which words could describe it like "awesome", "magnificent" or "It was truly amazing on all spiritual levels". No, the word "cool" pronounced in this instance "coooool", was followed by the nodding you do with your head which usually proceeds the use of a strung out "cooool" comment.

So, you may ask, what caused this articulation? Well surprisingly nothing that should have surprised, it was a nicely built giant transformer robot walking across the sandbox with Malic Skytower in the suit, but its when it turned into a lorry and the smoothness it did so, the only way to react to it was just to, sit back, say "Cooool" and nod your head in appreciation...


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