Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Don't worry we're not asleep

Dear friends,

It has occurred to us that no one has posted in the last 48 hours to keep you up to date in the happenings of our humble fleet. Don't worry, we haven't all been annihilated in a Borg attack, nor have we got lost in the gravametric pull of some distant blackhole in the quadrant. Truth is my friends, we decided to have a little rest following the significant achievement of our exercise. Just a small breather, in fact this is a little postcard to show what we have been up to.

Our resident holographic research program Lt. Richardjrn Weatherwax, has converted the top of the Mobile Research Unit (actual name is much more complicated so I am abbreviating it) into a swimming pool, that's right a swimming pool!

A number of us spent 4 hours partying there yesterday (sorry no pics we were enjoying it too much), and some of us have decided to continue the exercise for a time today.

Richardjrn, Debbydo, Kal and Dave relax by the pool (looks like Dave is on the pop!)

Much of a muchness, the fleet has continued it's usual operations with more news to follow. And we haven't neglected you, we have been tweaking one or two minor things with the blog.

In your service,

Lt. Cmdr. Dave Fearguis


  1. yesterday was fun and hope it continues in the future thank you Dave xxxxxx