Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Relaxation - or is it?

Pool Side

Jimmy, snapper, Richardjrn, Debbydo, Seven, Six and Dave

Now, as you can see we have been extremely busy the last few days. No, really we have been. You may notice that the members of the Blog writing team are the more "active" members of GFC (Or rather those who show an interest in it) and those would help towards it's success.

Of course, Our success last week of hitting 5000 pageviews was a massive achievement. We have however met some resistance, like any project does, those who do not agree with it try and stop it from working. However in this case, they have been massively unsuccessful.

The Blog writers don't forget are not just working on the blog, they have thousands of other jobs that they are working on at present. So, even thought the Blog has been quiet the last couple of days, yes, as Dave said we are having a break from writing posts however we have our minds set on other things that will make GFC a better Place.

If you are ever call upon by one of the many good people here at GFC please offer your full support. We need the help of everyone here at GFC to make it a better place, without you, we are nothing.

Jimmy Vehrous.

Ps. Sorry if this post is too much like the last one.


  1. nicely said jim bob hot head xxxx

  2. We actually conducted a research meeting and two extra projects have now been started...

    All that without leaving the poolside...

    Something others could learn by I think.

  3. wonderful article Sir Jimmy lol

  4. Jimmy wouldn't comment on this own post...would he????

  5. I think it was Six. The "Sir Jimmy" gave it all away.

  6. I confess I peed in that pool.