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GFC's First Klingon Bat'leth Duel Tactical Event

Good day!

Last Friday we had our first Bat'leth Duel as a Tactical Event. It was pretty cool. Here is a brief report:

We rezzed the Klingon Circle of Blood near the Tactical Area, in Sovereign. People gathered around and I started giving a few instructions. Many brave warriors showed up: Sodak, Debbydo, Reece, Dustin, Joshua Humbridge, Nick Banana, Roy Lang, Talax, MissKitty (special envoy from UFG), Malic Skytower, Malcolm, Lillian Aries (to tend the wounded), Jimmy Vehrous and please forgive me if I forgot someone.

Everybody received a scripted Bat'leth (model built by Angel Sacherfort) and a copy of the free Sci-Fi Combat System HUD, along with instructions.

A little bit of history and information on the Bat'leth:

lt is our traditional "Sword of Honor". About a meter long and shaped as a double-semicircle with four points, resembling a two-ended scimitar.  A modern bat'leth is typically 116 centimeters long and weighs 5.3 kilograms, and is composed of baakonite metal.

The Bat'leth is carried along the inside of the arm and wielded using two handholds on the outside edge of the weapon.

Our oral traditions state that the first Bat'leth was forged around 625 A.D. (Terran equivalent) by Kahless the Unforgettable.

The legend says Kahless dropped a lock of his hair into the lava from the Kri'stak Volcano, and then plunged the fiery lock into the lake of Lursor and twisted it to form a blade. But only our priests know the details to this legend.

Hence, the first Bat'leth was known as the Sword of Kahless. It was a sacred icon for the Klingon people until it was stolen about 1000 years ago by the invading Hur'q. In 2372 of Terran common era, then-ambassador Kor set off with General Worf and Jadzia Dax, a Starfleet Officer regarded as a Klingon warrior, to the Gamma Quadrant to search for the legendary artifact, but came back empty-handed, according to the official records.

Although nowadays wars are won by ships, disruptors and photon torpedos, the Bat'leth remain a sacred weapon to us, and it is deadly in the hands of a skilled Klingon warrior.

It is used mainly during ritual combats, such as when a leader is challenged, a warrior wishes to prove his valor against another, a House dispute needs to be settled or someone evokes the right to Vengeance, so we all must know how to defend ourselves using a Sword of Honor. Also, a Klingon is invincible with a Bat'leth in melee combat, so this formidable weapon never lost its use among us.
The Bat'leth must be earned through blood and valor, and it is to be treated with the utmost respect. Nothing brings more honor to a father than to be able to pass his Bat'leth to his son, and there is no greater honor for a son than to receive his father's Bat'leth. They remain in our families and Houses as a symbol of their strenght. Much like the D'k tahg, except the dagger reprents more a warrior's personal honor, while the Bat'leth has deep ties with his House.

Worf, Son of Mogh, owns a Bat'leth that has been in his family for 10 generations, which he used to kill Duras after the nemesis had murdered K'Ehleyr, the mother of Worf's son.

The championship followed an eliminatory system, with some resits. We had a big board with the pictures of the challengers to each match. The first matches were randomly chosen. The first battle was between Malic Skytower and Nick Banana. Here's how it went:

[16:33]  Kal Aie shouts: The oponents carefully study each other... Mr. Malic thrusts with fury!
[16:33]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Banana strikes Malic from behind!
[16:33]  Talax: did you say furry
[16:33]  MissKitty Rhapsody: drinks some blood wine
[16:33]  Kal Aie shouts: Its a fierce and violent fight, both contestants are evenly matched!
[16:34]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Nick is dangerously low on health!
[16:34]  dustin thunderstorm (dustin.sunflower): you doing a good job malic
[16:34]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Malic is also taking a heavy beating!
[16:34]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: Malic Skytower has been defeated
[16:34]  Talax: go nick
[16:34]  Kal Aie shouts: There is blood all over!
[16:34]  MissKitty Rhapsody: awww poor malic
[16:34]  Malic Skytower: its harder then it looks
[16:34]  NickTheBanana: myes i won
[16:35]  MissKitty Rhapsody: he died an honorable death
[16:35]  Malcolm Sholokhov: And with 4% left...
[16:35]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Nick is the winner! It was a fantastic table turn!
[16:35]  NickTheBanana: yes it is
[16:35]  Talax: wow yay nick poor malic
[16:35]  Reece Portal: Ahhhhhhhhhhh ! screams into the air
[16:35]  NickTheBanana: let me heal
[16:35]  Malic Skytower: so close
[16:35]  Kal Aie shouts: It was a very good fight, both are honorable warriors and fought well!
[16:35]  Reece Portal: do we have a medic?

The second match was between Mr. Sodak and Mr. Joshua. It was quick and messy. Here is the narration:

[16:40]  Kal Aie shouts: May the loser find Sto'Vo'Kor, the klingon paradise for those who die honorably in battle!
[16:40]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: Sodak Xeltentat has been defeated
[16:40]  Kal Aie shouts: They both fought like there was no tomorrow!
[16:41]  Kal Aie shouts: Such violence I thought to exist only inside a Klingon!
[16:41]  Kal Aie shouts: A Vulcan against an Andorian, both with strong warrior traditions!
[16:41]  Joshua Humbridge: got us a medic
[16:41]  Reece Portal: capla
[16:42]  ZhaanP'auZoolu (lillian.aries): where's the injured
[16:42]  Malcolm Sholokhov: Sodak. n.n;
[16:42]  Kal Aie shouts: But eventually the Andorian duelist tradition prevailed over the Vulcan strenght and logic! Perhaphs if Mr. Sodak was in his Pon-Farr he would have won!

The next fight was memorable and epic: Ms. Reece against MissKitty. Real bloody and messy girl on girl action. Suddenly the audience increased tenfold. Here is how it went:

[16:46]  Kal Aie shouts: Ladies and gentlemen! It is Girl Power now! Two women, fighting with all their passion and fury! Suddenly the audience went through the roof! I wonder why!
[16:46]  MissKitty Rhapsody: I havent actually fought in combat before lol
[16:46]  Joshua Humbridge: misskitty has the heart of a klingon
[16:47]  Kal Aie shouts: In the Klingon Empire, women as considered as capable as men, and looked as kin warriors! They can even become house leaders!
[16:47]  MissKitty Rhapsody: winks at reece
[16:47]  ZhaanP'auZoolu (lillian.aries) thinks "Pfftt, glorified mud wrestling"
[16:47]  Kal Aie shouts: They can be as deadly as anyone with a bat'leh in hand!
[16:47]  MissKitty Rhapsody: growls
[16:47]  Kal Aie shouts: Ladies, show us you can fight with honor. I'll count to 3 and play the sound, then you may start!
[16:47]  Kal Aie: 1
[16:47]  Kal Aie: 2
[16:47]  Kal Aie: 3
[16:47]  Kal Aie shouts: GO LADIES!
[16:48]  Kal Aie shouts: They carefully study each other. Reece starts with a faint
[16:48]  Kal Aie shouts: MissKitty counter attacks!
[16:48]  Kal Aie shouts: Their forces seem to be equal!
[16:48]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: Reece Portal has been defeated
[16:48]  Kal Aie: They show no sign of weariness!
[16:48]  MissKitty Rhapsody: drinks to her fallen comrad
[16:49]  Reece Portal: ahhhh
[16:49]  Reece Portal: starts to fade
[16:49]  MissKitty Rhapsody: she died with honor
[16:49]  Kal Aie shouts: The coin of fate turns and Ms. Reece destiny is decided! Ms. Kitty stands the victor!
[16:49]  MissKitty Rhapsody: howls for the fallen warrior
[16:49]  Kal Aie shouts: It was an honorable fight though, and Ms. Reece proved to be a dangerous adversary!
[16:49]  ZhaanP'auZoolu (lillian.aries): Died?
[16:49]  Reece Portal: g=dead Sir
[16:49]  Reece Portal: hehe
[16:49]  MissKitty Rhapsody: ok we revived her
[16:49]  MissKitty Rhapsody: :)
[16:49]  Reece Portal: thank you Kitty
[16:50]  Reece Portal: : )
[16:50]  ZhaanP'auZoolu (lillian.aries): so what did u need me for?

As you will see, MissKitty fought like a true warrior and was a big favorite in the championship. Next Mr. Dustin fought Mr. Malic again, who got another chance to prove his valor:

[16:55]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin moves like a ninja!
[16:55]  Kal Aie shouts: But Mr. Malic is a seasoned warrior who already fought many battles!
[16:55]  Kal Aie shouts: Heck, right now I'm stepping over Mr. Malic's blood!
[16:56]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Malic is stepping dangerous close to outside the arena!
[16:56]  MissKitty Rhapsody: its tough to stay in the circle
[16:56]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin is a true Klingon warrior! Will Mr. Malic be able to overcome that with his experience?
[16:57]  Kal Aie shouts: Watch out Mr. Dustin, you're still fighting!
[16:57]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Malic bailed out!
[16:57]  MissKitty Rhapsody: i should have placed bets lol
[16:58]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin is the proud winner! It was a glorious battle, but unfortunatelly Mr. Malic lost his balance and stepped outside the arena!
[16:58]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: Malic Skytower has been defeated
[16:59]  Kal Aie shouts: Oh no Mr. Dustin is on a Klingon killing rage! He went berserk! Mongoose! Watch out, he is loose! Armed and dangerous!
[16:59]  Kal Aie shouts: He killed Mr. Malic!
[16:59]  MissKitty Rhapsody: malic has died an honorable death against a superior oponent
[16:59]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin, control your inner rage!

So we moved to the 2nd phase of the eliminatories. We had already ruled out many warriors. Next match was between Mr. Joshua, The Andorian Rage, and Nick, The Banana, who got a second chance:

[17:02]  NickTheBanana: is this the last fight
[17:02]  Kal Aie shouts: Qapla'! May you both fight well, may the loser find Sto'Vo'Kor!
[17:02]  Kal Aie shouts: No Mr. Banana, a warrior's life is filled with fights, and he longs for fights. He would die dishonorably if there were no more fights
[17:02]  Kal Aie shouts: Alright, in your places. Ready....
[17:02]  Kal Aie: 1
[17:03]  Kal Aie: 2
[17:03]  Kal Aie: 3
[17:03]  Kal Aie: GOGOGO
[17:03]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: NickTheBanana Resident has been defeated
[17:04]  MissKitty Rhapsody: you died an honorable death nick
[17:04]  MissKitty Rhapsody: i drink to you
[17:04]  Kal Aie shouts: That was one of the most amazing and violent fights I've ever seen! It was like Kahless the Unforgettable had ressurrected in Ms. Kitty's body!
[17:04]  MissKitty Rhapsody: smiles
[17:04]  Kal Aie: Yes, Mr. Nick will go to Sto'Vo'Kor
[17:04]  NickTheBanana: what is sto vo kor
[17:05]  Joshua Humbridge: klingon after life
[17:05]  MissKitty Rhapsody: sto vo kor is where klingons go when they die
[17:05]  Kal Aie: Sto'Vo'Kor is the Klingon paradise, where warriors go when they die in battle

As you can see, MissKitty was really on a killing rampage. There was no way Mr. Banana could win, no matter how hard he tried. Next we had Mr. Joshua, The Andorian Fury, against Mr. Dustin, The Fiery Wrath, who had just metamorphosed to his deadly dragon form:

[17:09]  Kal Aie shouts: They are both seasoned, scarred warriors!
[17:09]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Joshua comes from a planet where duels are a deadly tradition!
[17:09]  Kal Aie shouts: And Mr. Dustin has both Klingon and Dragon blood!
[17:09]  MissKitty Rhapsody: nick you need to keep from dying to win a prize
[17:09]  Kal Aie shouts: Sadly Mr. Dustin took a very strong leap and landed outside the arena! He is disqualified!
[17:10]  Kal Aie shouts: That is the downside of having wings! You never know where you will land!
[17:10]  MissKitty Rhapsody: its a close fight!
[17:10]  Kal Aie shouts: Gentlemen, you may stop fighting
[17:10]  NickTheBanana: this is fun not when you die though
[17:10]  MissKitty Rhapsody: a good fight is aways fun'
[17:10]  Kal Aie shouts: It is over, warriors!
[17:11]  Kal Aie shouts: Jaffa, kree! XDD
[17:11]  Kal Aie shouts: The battle lust runs deeply inside these warrior's veins, ladies and gentlemen! Their adrenaline does not lowers easily!
[17:12]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Joshua stands the victor! Sadly Mr. Dustin stepped outside the Circle of Blood.
[17:12]  Kal Aie shouts: It was an even fight though! We'll never know who would have won!

Next both Mr. Sodak and Mr. Nick Banana got resits. It was quick though. Mr. Sodak showed his true Vulcan strenght. Here is how it went:

[17:21]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: NickTheBanana Resident has been defeated
[17:21]  Kal Aie shouts: Will Mr. Nick prevail against Sodak's vulcan strenght? He is a master of the vulcan lirpa! Or is it lyra?
[17:21]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Sodak is the glorious winner! Mr. Nick proved to be a worthy adversary!
[17:21]  MissKitty Rhapsody: isnt nick dead?
[17:21]  Reece Portal: yep
[17:21]  Kal Aie: Yes I saw him dead too lol
[17:21]  Reece Portal: he lost
[17:21]  MissKitty Rhapsody: grins
[17:22]  Kal Aie shouts: He is on a killing rampage! Security!
[17:22]  Kal Aie: lol
[17:22]  MissKitty Rhapsody: perhaps you wish to fight ME!
[17:22]  MissKitty Rhapsody: growls
[17:22]  Sodak Xeltentat: thanks Nick great fight

Poor Nick Banana, it wasn't his day. Mr. Sodak would fight again to decide who would fight for the Trophy, but he had to go. So, as in Klingon Tradition, Mr. Dustin was appointed to fight on his behalf, which he did honorably. He stepped once again into the circle against the formidable MissKitty. That was a very intense and dramatic fight, they were both favorites and skilled warriors. It went like this:

[17:25]  MissKitty Rhapsody: it will be an honor to fight such a worthy oponent
[17:25]  Kal Aie shouts: Yes MissKitty
[17:26]  Kal Aie shouts: As it is a custom with the Klingon, Mr. Dustin will fight on Mr. Sodak's behalf.
[17:27]  Kal Aie: 1
[17:27]  Kal Aie: 2
[17:27]  Kal Aie: 3
[17:27]  Kal Aie shouts: FIGHT!
[17:28]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin asked for a time, and Ms. Kitty has granted him cause she is an honorable warrior
[17:28]  Kal Aie shouts: ALRIGHT , RESUME FIGHT! Mr. Roy, please step out the circle!
[17:28]  Kal Aie shouts: GO GO GO
[17:29]  Kal Aie shouts: For some reason Mr. Dustin is turning his back to his oponent! Is he that confident?
[17:33]  Kal Aie: carefull Mr. Dustin, you're going outside the arena
[17:33]  Reece Portal: circle
[17:33]  Joshua Humbridge: kitty kitty kitty
[17:33]  Kal Aie: dont run too much Mr. Dustin, try to keep close to kitty
[17:34]  Kal Aie shouts: no flying Mr. Dustin, get back on the ground
[17:34]  Reece Portal: giggles
[17:35]  Kal Aie shouts: They are both fearsome warriors!
[17:36]  Reece Portal: ouch
[17:36]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: MissKitty Rhapsody has been defeated
[17:36]  Kal Aie shouts: Both are masters of the bat'leth!
[17:36]  Reece Portal: Good fight MsKitty
[17:36]  Reece Portal: smiles at her
[17:36]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin used all his dragon strenght and won! Congratulations Mr. Dustin! Ms. Kitty was one of the strongest warriors in the contest!
[17:36]  dustin thunderstorm (dustin.sunflower): °°°DRAGONROOOAAARRR°°°
[17:36]  MissKitty Rhapsody: it was a good day to die

Sadly, it was the end of the championship for MissKitty. And now GFC's First Bat'leth Champion would be ultimately chosen, for the final epic battle was about to start. Mr. Dustin, The Fiery Wrath, against Mr. Joshua, The Andorian Duelist:

[17:40]  NickTheBanana: this is going to be the best fight
[17:40]  Kal Aie shouts: Mr. Dustin... he is a mutant... part human, part dragon, and part klingon... every cell of his body screams "warrior"!
[17:41]  Kal Aie shouts: On the other corner, Mr. Jooooooshuaaa!!!! He was born to a warrior society! They duel during their free time!
[17:41]  dustin thunderstorm (dustin.sunflower): °°°DRAGONROOOAAARRR°°°
[17:41]  MissKitty Rhapsody: drinks her bloodwine
[17:42]  Kal Aie shouts: The fight will be glorious! The victory will be GFC's 1st Bat'leth Champion!
[17:43]  Kal Aie shouts: On my mark gentlemen. I wish you success!
[17:43]  Kal Aie: 1
[17:43]  Kal Aie: 2
[17:43]  Kal Aie: 3
[17:43]  Kal Aie shouts: FIGHT!
[17:44]  Sci-Fi Combat System v1.3: Dustin Sunflower has been defeated
[17:44]  MissKitty Rhapsody: we have seen the defeat of a mighty warrior
[17:44]  Kal Aie shouts: It is like if the gods themselves stepped down and fought! There was lightning and the Earth shook!
[17:44]  Reece Portal: great fight gentlemen
[17:45]  Kal Aie shouts: But the day was Joshua's!
[17:46]  Kal Aie shouts: Ladies and gentlemen, I present you GFC's 1st Bat'leth Champion! Mr. Joshua Humbridge! May glory and honor follow his steps! And Mr. Dustin! GFC's 1st Bat'leth Vice Champion! He fought bravely and showed great skill!
[17:46]  MissKitty Rhapsody: I will make sure to add a batleth tournament at sfg
[17:46]  Kal Aie: We would be glad to help you, MissKitty.

And that was it. Then we celebrated and took many pictures. Mr. Joshua got a champion Trophy and Mr. Dustin got a Vice Champion Trophy. They are both valorous warriors. Next week Mr. Joshua will have to defend his title, for we should have another Klingon Bat'leth Duel!

Debbydo helped a lot taking pictures.


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