Tuesday, 27 May 2014

New Strategic Operations poster released

Strategic Operations is the supportive arm of rp's in the GFC and they have just released a new set of posters as the first stage of updating associated technology, media and information distribution, over the next few weeks a host of changes and additions to the group are going to be implemented.

To start the new ball rolling 2 designs of posters have been release in the GFC

The first design implements the adshell 4 sheet type dimensions used for both outdoor and indoor small poster boards. It features someone sitting at the captains chair with the Strat Ops logo behind them against the backdrop of a starfield.

The second poster chooses the 48 sheet dimension type used mainly for large outdoor displays and can be viewed on the giant resizing boards situated in aeon's sandbox, outside the roddenberry in galaxy and next to the lake in Sovereign. The picture uses the same graphic resources which are replace to fit the different size and ratio of the picture, for instance this design takes the logo and places it from behind the character on the chair to the side of them. As with commercial advertising multiple designs are created to cover the different size of ads, location placement or item the ad is produced on.

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