Friday, 23 May 2014

Oculus Rift now officially Part of Second life

Some of you may remember Richard Weatherwax & myself doing a research and friends video showing and talking about the Oculus Rift in action, we also mentioned in the videos that support was being worked on for secondlife. For the last few months people with this 3D headset have been able to play in beta form using official and unofficial viewers to access the secondlife world.

Linden labs the creators of secondlife have produced a video showing the latest available version of their viewer which has Oculus rift support built directly in and has the chance of heralding the next stage in not only second life but virtual reality as a social medium.

Research & Friends Occulus rift video
Oculus Rift Website

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  1. Wow! awesome.... My only concern would be would frequent use cause eye or balance dysfunction?