Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New RP "Escape from Hell". The adventures the starship Summer Breeze

Its always great when a new Role-play is launched in the GFC, such a event happened last Wednesday when the first episode of "Escape from hell" ran its maiden voyage. The role play event has been set up slightly different to how most RP's run at the GFC. Here the RP is structured as a six parter, the mission commander of  the Starship Summer Breeze sent a message over subspace
"Escape From Hell
Episode's 1 -6
Starting: Each Wednesday from 1 to 2pm when everyone is ready:
Episode 1 May 14 Wednesday
Episode 2 May 21 Wednesday
Episode 3 May 28 Wednesday
Episode 4 June 4   Wednesday
Episode 5 June 10 Tuesday
Episode 6 June 11 Wednesday
Assignment, Orders and Character:
are all in your Character notes so read them carefully
What you have to do:
Be Yourself but Play the Character and attitude you are assigned Remember you might be the one to end the RP so pay attention to this.
There are 6 Chapters and the roles will rotate from chapter to chapter.
Read your Episode card.
Like in RL you will not know what the other person will do or say so you have to play off of them.
in one or more chapters you will play a Romulan, a Bounty Hunter., Mercenary, a Lawyer or a Judge. The First and last Chapters you will play the Same character.
Mission Commander & Contact :  Moonglow (Shanna Oxygen)"

Listen out for in-world announcements in the GFC and don't forget to make space in your diary or contact Shanna Oxygen for more details.

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